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Summary: A rowdy girl with a bit of flame

Ria Kin

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Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Junior Students


A father
A mother
A younger brother and two sisters,
One older sisters


She can climb walls
Sharp claws and teeth
Regrow her tail
Very fast and agile
Skilled in swordsmanship
She has fire magic that allows her to shoot fire or over her weapons in fire.

Human/Anthromorph: Type

Anthromorph:Red Lizard

Physical Appearance

She has pink hair, orange eyes and tanned skin. She has a tall and curvy figure. She has the claws of a red lizard and a red lizard tail.

Personality and interests

Ria is outgoing, tomboyish, competitive, and even crude. She loves to be a show off and has a rebellious streak. She does whatever to be the center of attention.


Ria has always been a thorn in her father’s side, causing trouble, being rebellious, picking fights. Her father had ger trained to see if she would hone her aggressiveness, which only backfires for him, literally.

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Image of Ria Kin
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