Lizards and Nerds

Point Break High, Cafteria. Monday Morning of Homecoming Week

Bevil groaned to himself as his sisters became very rowdy, all of them talking about potential dates, while poor Bevil was most likely going alone. His entrance for being a DJ gained him some popularity, however his shy behavior killed it off quickly, to a degree. He had definitely gotten more invites to party, but his romantic life was very bland compared to his party life. Compared to his sisters, he had nothing. Tia's constant accidental stripping was gaining her numbers from both boys and girls. Vara might be straighten goodie two shoes, but her lovely voiced charmed nearly everyone. Ria might be a loud mouthed brute, but her physical attractiveness and spunky nature allows her to pick up any guy, sometimes literally. Finally, Slyvia being the sweet, gentle beauty had many staring at her, desperate for her love.

Slyvia had been watching Vamir for a while, the elf had gained her attention, and shenhad laid her eyes on him. Of course she was too shy to ask him out, so she kept silent. Her other sisters didn't have anyone to go out with, well at the moment. Ria was actually the first to pick her date. Standing from her seat she approached a young man, prideful pointing at him, "I pick you as my homecoming date!" The boy had no girlfriend and it was obvious that she was not taking no for an answer.

Joseph found a spot, he had been chatting with Lily often, so far as walking with her home, the mysterious Red X had seemingly disappeared from the news. Joseph gently sat near the girl, "Loud." Bevil shlyly waved at him, which he waved back. "Are partners necessary for homing?" He asked her, he seemed less tired for once.
He noticed Bevil thinking Joseph silently spoke to himself, "Poor Bevil, it never hurts to ask." He spotted Mia, a sigh escaping his lips. "Mia, doesn't the Kin family use your dojo to train?"

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