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Summary: A shy boy who looks up to Joseph

Bevil Kin

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Gender: Male

Age: 15

Group: Freshmen Sudents


The Lizard Clan
A mother
A father
And four older sisters


He can climb up walls
He is very fast and agile
He can regrow his tail
Sharp claws and teeth

Human/Anthromorph: Type

Anthromorph:Blue Lizard

Physical Appearance

He is small, with blue hair, blue eyes, sharp teeth. He has a freckle below each of his eyes. His feet and hands are reptilian black with blue claws. He also has a blue tail. He stands at 4'3 in height.

Personality and interests

Nervous, shy, energetic. He likes Mia but he is too shy to confess to her. He looks up to Joseph and often calls him Joseph-sama, Sepia, or Sensei


Bevil was raised happily by his family, he is the youngest of five, all of his older siblings are girls and have graduated school.
Bevil was always bullied by other kids due to his shyness. However one day when he was being bullied he was saved by Red X. Bevil of course looked everywhere to find him, where he met Joseph who had to save him from a gang, revealing himself. Of course Bevil keeps his secret, and looks up to Joseph, and often hangs around him.

Favourite Sayings

"Sensei!" -When Joseph is Red X

"Joseph-Sama!" -When Joseph does something important.

"Senpai!"-What he calls Joseph

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Image of Bevil Kin
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