First day

Joseph locked himself in his house for the entire rest of the summer after what happened at the party, his mom became worried for him, but he always pushed it off as summer cold. His life then was very normal from there, however there was less Red X sightings for a while. Mary started work at the library a week before school started, allowing Joseph to be alone for that week.

When it was time for school, Joseph walked to school, arriving just before the busses. He was curious of who would be in his class, he was furious with Red X for revealing his secret identity to Amber and Vamir, hopefully this year he would be left alone. He looked over to see poor Bevil swarmed by many fans of his music, he couldn't help but smile at the sight.
The rest of Bevil's summer was suler eventful, he started to hang around Walter more, of course Bevil earned a hug fan base ever since the party. The poor lizard boy was nearly embarrassed to death.
His four older sisters didn't help with their consistent teasing and jokes about him becoming a popular kid. To make it worse, his father had him visit the head of the Lizard Clan, and Bevil is supposed to get training, and the dojo they picked happen to be owned by Mia's family. The little lizard boy often hurt himself trying to get better. The only thing he was able to do that was mildly impressive was using his tail to whip a plank of wood in half. Once school started, he had a new routine, waking up at 5:00, eating breakfast, going to school, going to train, go home to do homework, eat dinner and go to bed. He knew this was going to be a tough year.
He started the day by looking at the list of what he had to do before eating breakfast and catching the bus. Once he walked into school, he was greeted by a mob of fans of his music, he saw Joseph smiling at him, he hoped he would be put in a good class this year at least.

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