Day By Day

After school Jack and Ben made their way home to see Aello looking in a better mood as she was cleaning the house. Tali and Lyekka were playing with their Anthromorph babysitter who was the mother of the Anthromorph female dog/police woman Mr. Dogman who helped them with their case when they first met. Since the baby sitter was the mother of a police officer and a retired school teacher it made the adjustment much easier. Now Aello could get some sleep before feeding the babies and doing some chores around the house. Sadly she was not allowed to cook unless Ben was there to instruct her since she tried to cook a steak with lightening the first time. As it turned out the lion/man Anthromorph who tried to steal Aello's eggs in the beginning was sent to prison for 35 years in hard labor. Kidnapping children was a big crime even in the other world.

So as Jack and Ben came in to greet everyone they were greeted by Aello, Tali, Lyekka and Ms. Dogman. Jack accepted the babies with open arms and then Aello who was obviously in love with him. Jack on the other hand was in way over his head as a father of twins dragon girls at the age of 16. He was doing his best to keep it together as a student, father who was sort of dating his dragon baby's mama. After some love, hugs and sweet words Aello begged Ben to let her help cook for Jack. Ben was annoyed but agreed only if she obeyed the kitchen rules. Once she agreed they went to work on dinner.

Jack then played with his daughters as Ms. Dogman began packing her things. It wasn't long before Jack and Ben's father, Jay Gomez came home from work and greeted everyone. Of course he too spoiled his granddaughters for a bit till dinner was ready. Ms. Dogman joined them for dinner before she left for home. After dinner Aello and Jack cleaned up the kitchen and threw out the trash as grandpa Gomez played with his grand kids. Ben went to clean up and study in his room since he was a model student. Though he came off as a bit grouchy he did like having people in the house and the sound of laugher. After loosing his mom his big brother, Jack did his best but it wasn't the same.

After Jack and Aello cleaned up the kitchen they played with the twins as grandpa got cleaned up. Aello nagged Jack to tell her about his day at school. Since she deprived of a normal education she was living vicariously through Jack. Jack on the other hand was still struggling to fit in with others since he was a loner in school. After grandpa was done with the shower Aello insisted Jack help her bathe the twins. Jack wanted to make an excuse since he knew Aello wanted him to take a bath with her too. However day by day she was winning him over with her charm and his love for their kids. Since he was to young to get married Aello said she would wait till he was the legal age after he graduated high school. Jack of course was worried since he had no idea what to do for a job. Aello on the other hand had a lot of treasure from her nest to live off a few centuries comfortably. The only talent Jack had was running fast and fighting so his prospects were limited.

After washing the twins Jack did his best to resist the temptation Aello displayed before him. It was obvious she loved him and was not the least embarrassed be him seeing her before him. Sadly she was still a bit insecure that her chest was smaller than Jack's female friend Lily Carter. Aello was worried Jack would leave her for a woman with a bigger chest. Jack on the other hand was more worried about getting through high school. Recently he met some very odd people in school and was not sure how close they would be in the future. Since the only long term friendships he ever had was his dad and brother, it was challenging for him. Ironically his fear of having any romance with Aello was soon washed away as the twins wanted attention and began playing in the water and flying. They made a big mess in the bathroom and it had to be cleaned up before feeding the babies and putting them to bed.

Jack tried to squeeze in some time to do his school work before it was time to feed the twins and he was hoping he was on track somewhat. It helped that he could look online to see other teachers explain the same stuff he could not understand at school. After the usual breast feeding ritual the four of them went to sleep to get ready to tomorrow.


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