Waning away

Jack: Well no one can help him unless he asks. Who knows who he likes.......I mean there are a lot of girls at this school as it is.

Lily: True. Some like to only date the same species while others are more open minded.

Mia: Yeah, but since Lily and I are still single like a Pringle we will go together.

Lily: Thanks Mia.

Jack: I wonder what the dance will be like?

Mia: You didn't go to the ones in middle school?

Jack: Yeah I missed out on those. How about you Joseph?

Joseph turned his head over to Jack, "Oh, I was going with Bevil, we don't have dates either. I've never been one for dances, or social interactions. Bevil has always been better with those kinds of things, even for a shy kid." He knew the truth was that Red X was the one dragging the both into those situations. However he would never tell anyone else about it. He did notice that Red X had been rubbing on Bevil, slowly waning away of the shyness of Bevil. Bevil looked up at Joseph, just getting his text about Mia's words on him. Bevil at first looked heartbroken, then he slammed his fist on the table, highly annoyed with his sisters. His sisters grew quiet, Bevil snapped a glare at them. "Stop being so loud, I'm trying to relax." The girls slowly nod, surprised by his sudden behavior.

Joseph chuckled, "Someone is growing."

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