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Summary: The kind older sister who you should never make angry.

Sylvia Kin

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Junior Students


Lizard Clan
A father
A mother
A younger brother
And three younger sisters


She can climb up walls
She is very fast and agile
She can regrow his tail
Sharp claws and teeth
She is also an amazing acrobatics athlete and dancer.
She has the magic ability to control water.

Human/Anthromorph: Type

Anthromorph:Purple and Green Lizard

Physical Appearance

Sylvia has purple and pink hair, with yellow eyes. Her skin to pale with streaks of green and purple. She has a long green and purple tail. She has a tall and slim figure, but with the righg curves.

Personality and interests

She is kind, sweet, easy going, peacful, non violent, and heartwarming. She is friendly to everyone and could never harm anything.
However ahe ia protective of Bevil and isn't afraif to amack on of her sisters if they get in a fight.
If she ever gets mad, it's a nightmare.


The eldeat daugher, Sylvia was raised by her mother and was an angel for her parents. She was kind but firm with her siblings and was especially protective of Bevil. Many believe ahe was innocent and naive, that was until a naga harmed Bevil. Sylvia got angry and showed everyone her scary side, a reason why most don't cross her.

Favourite Sayings

"Hello, a pleasure to meet you!"

"Are you alright?"

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Image of Sylvia Kin
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