Family Surprise

Bevil thought his day couldn't get any more chaotic, that was until fouf lizard girls joined his side, all smiling, "Hey little brother." Bevil looked at his oldet sisters, "What, why are you guys here!" Ria let out a grin, "Because this school is worthy for my greatness!" She shouted loudly, only to have Sylvia to hand chop her in the neck, causing her to go limp for a moment, "Father decided that Point Break would be the best school for us. All of us." Bevil smiled, "That's good in a way. Glad to have you." Tia smiled, "Of course brother."
Bevil looked at his sister, "Tia, clothes." She looked down and yelp. She quickly put her shirt back on, that somehow fell off. Before the siblings could do anything more, the bell rung. Bevil quickly went to class.

Vara and Tia went to their class. Vara noticed Mia and gave her a respectful nod. She quickly found herself a seat in the front of class, Tia on the other hand was busy starring at a potted plant, her shirt was loosly on her body due to them being unbuttoned.

Ria and Slyvia entered class, Ria immediately stood on the teacher's desk, with a big grin before booming loudly, "I'm Ria Kin! I am the greatest of the Lizard Clan, and you will all worsh-" Slyvia hand chopped her again, making her go limp again and falling face first. She dragged her sister to a chair. She gave a kind smile to the class, "I'm so sorry, she is very rowdy, forgive me on her behalf. I'm her sister Sylvia Kin. It's a pleasure to meet you all." She gave everyone a kind smile before taking a seat by her sister.

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