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Summary: I just want to party

Amber Splinters

Gender: Female

Age: 45, looks 17 years old

Group: Junior Students


U.S. Dwarf part of clan Slivertree


Incredible endurance
higher than normal strength

Healing ability
Range: Self
Duration: Permanent
Description: The ability to mentally heal oneself of disease, poison, or physical damage. Unfortunately, this ability is limited to the healing of oneself and cannot help others. The process requires one full minute of concentration, meaning the psychic cannot use any other psionic ability during that time. Bio-regeneration does not restore missing limbs, In addition, when cuts and scrapes are healed through bio-regeneration, there is NO scarring. The psionic can regenerate as often as once every other minute.
Life Drain
Range: Touch
Description: With this ability, they can drain hit points from one person to another. Willing participants need don't need to resist. Similar to Healing Leech the donator loses some life force. which the ability transfers to an injured party. The psionic can drain the donator down to about half their normal life before he can drain no more from that particular being and must seek a new source of healing. As the psychic drains life, the injured party is visibly healed; wounds close, scars and bruises disappear, etc. also has the ability to deaden pain can be used as a painkiller that temporarily negates existing pain or as an anesthetic to be used for surgery.

Psychic Diagnosis
Range: Touch or within 3 feet (0.9 m)
Duration: Immediate knowledge
Length of Trance: six minutes of meditation
Description: The psychic healer can sense physical pain, external and internal injury, disease, and possession with absolute clarity. This pinpoint accuracy enables the character to suggest treatment or to conduct psychic surgery.

Psychic Surgery
Range: Touch
Duration: Varies with injury
Length of Trance: 9 minutes of preparatory meditation, plus the Duration of the surgery, which is half the time of conventional modern medicine; as is the recovery time of the patient.
Description: Psychic surgery is used to repair broken bones and internal injuries, the removal of foreign objects (arrowheads, bullets, etc.), or when a person has suffered so much damage that he or she has lapsed into a coma The recovery from a coma or near death is equal to treatment from a modern hospital when the ability surgery is used. Note that there is absolutely no scarring from psychic surgery and minimal pain (no pain if the deaden pain ability is used. No tools are needed only the psychic's hands. Note: A psychic diagnosis must be made before surgery is possible.

Human/Anthromorph: Type

Anthromorph: Hill Dwarf

Physical Appearance

4 foot tall, 150 pounds, white-blond hair tan light brown skin wears a lot of leather clothing.

Personality and interests

She is an optimist and outgoing, cheerful person, always looking on the bright side, even when circumstances are dire. To her, there is always a brighter and better tomorrow, and even the worst situation can be turned to advantage. Ideally suited to be a cheerful person and loves to party. Taken to its extreme, She can be as much an irritation as a that any odds can be overcome with the right plan. She enjoys meeting people of other races and he often changes the opinions of those who think all dwarves are gloomy. she can be fiercely protective of her friends and will go out of her way to help them.

Loves to party.


Born in the Silvertree clan Amber has been best friends and was raised with Vamir. Her family has been working for the Ellisare family for over 500 years. she now travels with Vamir to try to keep him out of trouble. She also wanted to see what the outside world is like. She would like to go to med school one day and become a doctor.

Favourite Sayings

Can I drink that?
Ouch did that hurt?
Here let me help

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Image of Amber Splinters
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