The Calm

Amber waited as she looked at Vamir He gave her a nod as the security started to walk towards the trouble. Amber for being only 4 foot tall seem to have tremendous strength. Moving through the crowd easily she saw Jack with Lily behind hind him as she passed them. she quickly realized who the trouble makers were the party crashers. Amber is a stocky 4-foot teen with speed and grace moved into one of the four and immediately lifted and slammed him to the ground. "If you are with these guys you will leave now!" Amber yelled at them as several large security guards show up.
snatch up the guys making trouble. Amber stands back up. as the guys are taken away.

Jack was shocked as Amber man handled the thug. He had heard that dwarves were strong but it was the first time he had ever seen it live in person. He may have been blessed with wind boosted speed, but he would not want to get hit by her.

Jack: Wow!

Aello was still unfazed by Amber, Red X or Team Krush as she was more focused her dessert. As a recluse dragon she didn't socialize much and missed out on a lot of culture and exotic foods. So fancy desserts were a big plus for her as she was in hog heaven enjoying every bite.

Aello: This is sooooooo goood.

Lily was also in shock seeing Amber take charge of the commotion and winning over all. She was a bit jealous as she too wished to be able to stand up to jerks like that. Sadly she was still dealing with being bullied by a male orc in elementary school. Since Jack was the one who beat up and humiliated the orc for her sake at the expense of his reputation she opened up to him, but she was still nervous around other violent guys. So this was why she could talk to Joseph and Vamir and not Red X or Team Krush.

Lily: Fueeeeeeeeuuu!

Mia seemed excited as she watched Amber kick butt. She was hoping they could be friends or hang out in the future since they were both tough girls. She shook her head as she saw Lily still hiding behind Jack. She knew her friend had issues from her past but she was being very clingy to Jack as of late. She wondered what it would take to build up her confidence so she could be more independent.

Mia: Ha!

She looked at the red mask guy "are you with them?" she asked. she steps towards him. Not even waiting on an answer and the look of the crowd and Jack. "anyone else want to cause trouble and ruin my time here!" she said in a loud voice. Then Vamir walked up to her putting his hand on her shoulder. She looked at him and sighed. Vamir gave a smile. "Sorry for the interruption please go back to the festivities." He said looking at the DJ with a nod to continue. Vamir turned to Jack "you and your friends good?" he asked. Then Amber walked up to Red X with a wicked smile "you got an invitation? If not you need to leave" said Amber.

Jack nodded yes to Vamir hoping to not upset him at this point. He was not good with socializing as it was so he didn't want to make it worse by talking and saying something foolish. Aello was still enjoying her dessert and unaware of the conversation. Lily seemed relieved as Vamir made a presence and she found herself able to let go of Jack now.

Lily: Thank you very much Vamir. That was scary.

Mia was glad her friend managed to calm down at this point.

Mia: Lily doesn't do well with violent guys hitting on her, but I must say Amber you have some serious skills there. Did you train nearby or far away? My parents run a dojo and if you're interested we could spar a bit.


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