Amber its over boys

Time: Summer
Place: Ellisate Manor

Red X pushed past Robby's crew, bopping with the music. Once he was next to Lily and Robby he chuckled, "Now, now. That's no way to introduce yourself to a lady. In fact, it is clear this young woman doesn't have any desire to be around you, so be a gentleman and screw off."

One of the members marched over to the strange man, "Back off freak!" He swung his fist at the masked man, however, his attack never hit, instead, the man was knocked back, his nose broken.

Red X sighed as he cracked his knuckles, "This is a party boys, not a mosh pit. Please back off, and be respectful members of the party." He glanced over at Lily, "Apologizes for these boys being rude, they don't understand manners. My name is Red, may I ask what name a beauty like you has?"
He kept his charming and very social approach, ignoring the goons behind him, the one that with the broken nose back away, afraid. Red's voice was much smoother and sleeker compared to Joseph's voice, he sounded like a completely different person.

He was hoping Valmir would have his security guards deal with the thugs who crashed the party. Of course, it was then that he realized Lily's large chest was pressed against his back as she hid behind Jack. Lily was jealous of Aello and scared of the thugs which made her a nervous wreck. Mia wasted no time teasing Jack for being a playboy in public. Jack blushed from Mia's teasing as he begged her to stop. Mia of course had to have her fun first against the helpless Jack.

Amber waited as she looked at Vamir He gave her a nod as the security started to walk towards the trouble. Amber for being only 4 foot tall seem to have tremendous strength. Moving through the crowd easily she saw Jack with Lily behind hind him as she passed them. she quickly realized who the trouble makers were the party crashers. Amber is a stocky 4-foot teen with speed and grace moved into one of the four and immediately lifted and slammed him to the ground. "If you are with these guys you will leave now!" Amber yelled at them as several large security guards show up.
snatch up the guys making trouble. Amber stands back up. as the guys are taken away.

She looked at the red mask guy "are you with them?" she asked. she steps towards him. not even waiting on an answer and the look of the crowd and Jack. "anyone else wont to cause trouble and ruin my time here!" she said in a loud voice. Then Vamir walked up to her putting his hand on her shoulder. She looked at him and sighed. Vamir gave a smile. "Sorry for the interruption please go back to the festivities." He said looking at the DJ with a nod to continue. Vamir turned to Jack "you and your friends good?" he asked. then Amber walked up to Red X with a wicked smile "you got an invitation? If not you need to leave" said Amber.

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