He said looking at the DJ with a nod to continue. Vamir turned to Jack "you and your friends good?" he asked. Then Amber walked up to Red X with a wicked smile "you got an invitation? If not you need to leave" said Amber.

Red X flipped out his invitation, "I was invited in a sense, I do apologize for my agression. I was only acting in self defense, I promise I won't cause trouble." He tucked in the invitation before Jack and his friends could see them and whispered, "If you could, keep my identity a secret, that would be nice. How about this, whatever you ask, I'll do it, just don't reveal my secret, deal?" He gave Amber a charming wink and a polite nod to Vamir.

Lily: Thank you very much Vamir. That was scary.

Mia was glad her friend managed to calm down at this point.

Mia: Lily doesn't do well with violent guys hitting on her, but I must say Amber you have some serious skills there. Did you train nearby or far away? My parents run a dojo and if you're interested we could spar a bit

Red X gave a nod, "I'll leave you, apologizes everyone! I didn't mean to make a commotion, I just don't like bullies, especially men who try causing a fight at a party!" He gave a bow before finding a girl to talk to. She immediately fell for his charm, Bevil held on to Wally, almost falling.
"Hey Wally, can I tell you something?" He checked to make sure everyone wasn't looking, "That guy, the one who broke that guy's nose? He's Red X, from the news."

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