Day one first class

Time: Start of School
Place: Point Brake High
Day one first class

Ria and Slyvia entered class, Ria immediately stood on the teacher's desk, with a big grin before booming loudly, "I'm Ria Kin! I am the greatest of the Lizard Clan, and you will all worsh-" Slyvia hand chopped her again, making her go limp again and falling face first. She dragged her sister to a chair. She gave a kind smile to the class, "I'm so sorry, she is very rowdy, forgive me on her behalf. I'm her sister Sylvia Kin. It's a pleasure to meet you all." She gave everyone a kind smile before taking a seat by her sister.

Sitting Vanir rolled his eyes as the two Lizard girls induced them selfs. He thought for a moment and wondered if he came across that way. He would have to bring this up to Amber and if he did he would give her permission to knock some sense into him. Not that she would wait for permission he thought. If he had introduced himself that way his father would have had him beaten and all sort of punishment. He looked around the room and saw a few that were at the party. Just as the class was going to start Vanir saw Jack walk in He wondered about his presents. He was not a normal human. But who was now a day? Vanir watch Jack sit next to Mia Lily and Jack were talking. he had hoped to make a few friends like that.

Then the World History teacher came in and gave them some papers to read and fill out on class rules and future activities they will be doing. Apparently, in the near future, they will have a research paper on the event that happened over 52 years ago when Earth and another world's space collided somehow and an unusual species came to co-exist with humans called Anthromorphs and they will take a field trip to see "Fang Rock". Since it was a major grade they needed to get the papers signed by their parents and returned so they could go on the trip. If they didn't do that they would have to work on the report in the library with a different teacher. Since this was a major grade they really didn't get a choice in the matter. After that, the World History teacher went over the syllabus of the class and what materials the students would need. The teacher covered the way to set up the notes and stuff they wanted the students to do.

Vanir did not find it too surprising of the assignment. It almost seems like the world did not exist 50 years ago. not only did he have to know everything about his own world but this one too. His father assented on it. It looked like a lot of the elders of his clan were worried about the merge of both worlds and the effect it would have on the rest of the universe.


Amber was in science class bored out of her mind. As the teacher went over everything about the class. She did wonder about how Vanir was doing in his. She looked around to see if anyone else was not paying attention in class. With the two worlds merging the science's as everyone knew it had changed. Now with Magic and other phenomenons, it change how this new world looked at things. Physics had a whole new set of formulas for one thing. Nukuler science was a new thing to her people. the basics had been figured out and were being taught now. It still did not make it easy to learn all of it. She looked over to her lab partner and smiled. Like Vanir hoped to make some friends and meet some cute boys.

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