Day one school arrival

Time: Start of School
Place: Point Brake High

The estate back to school party went well thought Vamir. He looked out the window of the car as it made its way through the city to the high school. he looked over to Amber trying to hide that he was a little nervous on his first day back to school. Amber just looked back at him with a smile and said nothing. Vamir knew he could not hide from her. He did not want to get up this morning being used to sleeping in all summer was nice. Thinking on all that showed up to the party he acknowledged that over three quarters were there just for the party and not to hang with him. Vamir looks in the rearview mirror and could see his bodyguard driver Mr. Kriscan. The driver looked back at him with a smile. Vamir just turned and looked back out the window.

Amber watching Vamir wondered why Vamir was nervous about school. She wanted to say something but held back and just smiled. she was happy how the party turned out and had got a few numbers of some boys that had attended the back to school party. She knew there was nothing to worry about she would be there if any bullys' showed and that Red X guy would be lurking around as well she had looked into this Red X guy a bit more and did not see him as a threat as of right now. Amber knows that she is not Vamirs bodyguard or his security. They had grown up together and saw him as a brother, not the clan leader's son. If it came down to it he could take care of himself he was an accomplished mind mage and was growing stronger each year.

The black sedan drove up to the front of the school. the car stopped and the driver opened the door first for Amber then Vamir. As they got out of the car there were some girls off to one side whispering to one other looking at Vamir. Amber could see some guys looking her over as well she could not understand that why humans found her attractive being a hill dwarf made her a 4-foot stocky girl. maybe it was her body was more developed than the other girls at the school. She knew why Vamir was a girl magnet he had charm and money.

He walked and Just noded to the girls with a smile. Vamir wondered if they had been there waiting to see him arrive but did not think so. The girls giggled and just waved back at him. There were a few guys he knew and he just gave them a heads-up motion. They returned a head nod. the sound of the buzzer of school starting and time to get to class. Amber waved as they went their different ways in the corridor.

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