Morning announcement

Outskirts of town
Carn stretched as he looked over the bus smile on his face as he'd spent the last 3 years transforming the old rust bucket into a home on wheels for his travels once he graduated. Dressing into a red Hawaiian shirt and tan cargo pants he hopped onto his old moped before heading to the school.

Pulling into the parking lot he was greeted a young pale skinned woman with gray hair and a pair of gray rabbit ears denoting her race "Morning Silvia"he said in a friendly Tone while grabbing his backpack.

"Carn please try to take this year more seriously than the last three it's our final year in the student council I need everything to go smoothly if I'm to get the scholarship for the university I want to go to"she replied the annoyance clearly shown in her voice as she adjusted her glasses while walking beside him.

Carn looked at her an apologetic smile on his face as he scratched the back of his head "my apology Silvie I got a little distracted last night working on the bus so I slept in a little bit and relax You're sure to get the scholarship hell you been taking college courses since our sophomore year I have no doubt they'll want you."
The young rabbit girl gave him a smile and nodded adjusting her outfit a formal black skirt with matching vest and white shirt before they entered the cafeteria the side of so many races getting along but a smile on both their faces as they approach the stage. Walking on to it Carn tap the mic before speaking.

"Hello everyone may I please have your attention my name is Carn rook I'm your student body president, next to me is Silvia Rose your vice president. To those students returning I like to thank you all for re-electing me for my final year I hope together we can all make it a memorable one and for those newcomers this year I'd like to personally welcome you to point break high I hope that together we can be a shiny example of peace and prosperity between all races, if you ever need someone to talk to I'm always open to it you can find me throughout the school now on to other announcements. As many of you know this is our homecoming week you'll receive a schedule at your home room class detailing all the different events and themes throughout the week leading up to the student Fair and homecoming game on Friday with Saturday being the homecoming dance."
Finishing his speech he exited the stage with Sylvia grabbing breakfast and joining the table with the rest of the student council members to discuss the upcoming week.

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