Breakfast Club

Jack was feeling hungry as usual as he ordered the big breakfast which had pancakes, eggs, bacon and a biscuit. For his beverage he selected a sweet tea since he wanted to avoid sodas since he upset his stomach when he used his God Wind power. It would be embarrassing to have a bought of gas in front of the whole school and he was already struggling to make friends. His only saving grace was Lily and Mia since he knew them from years ago. Since he looked like a brute with a scowl his whole life he scared others off and gave him a big complex. After getting his food he looked for a place to sit and then noticed Lily and Mia. He debated on joining them or sitting alone till Lily waved at him to sit with them.

Joseph found a spot, he had been chatting with Lily often, so far as walking with her home, the mysterious Red X had seemingly disappeared from the news. Joseph gently sat near the girl, "Loud." Bevil shlyly waved at him, which he waved back. "Are partners necessary for homing?" He asked her, he seemed less tired for once.
He noticed Bevil thinking Joseph silently spoke to himself, "Poor Bevil, it never hurts to ask." He spotted Mia, a sigh escaping his lips. "Mia, doesn't the Kin family use your dojo to train?"

Mia swallowed her milk and looked at Joseph and gave him a shrug.

Mia: I wouldn't be surprised if they did. That place is super busy. My dad does my lessons after hours and on weekends because of that. Sometimes we have to many customers these days.

Jack then approached the table and paused as Mia looked up to him.

Mia: Come to gaze at my womanly charms Jack?

Jack: What wom---........

Mia: If you finish that sentence I'll book you a one way ticket across the River Styx.

Jack: Please cancel that.

Mia: Then sit down already. You are acting like a shy white belt again.

Jack: Sorry. Its just weird eating with others at school.

Mia: Well that's cause you're a muscle brain who used his fist before thinking.

Jack: I can't argue with that.

Lily: Mia don't pick on Jack to much.

Mia smirked as she looked at Joseph and Lily then Jack. She was having an evil thought in her crafty mind and was about to speak when some began speaking on the stage microphone.

"Hello everyone may I please have your attention my name is Carn rook I'm your student body president, next to me is Silvia Rose your vice president. To those students returning I like to thank you all for re-electing me for my final year I hope together we can all make it a memorable one and for those newcomers this year I'd like to personally welcome you to point break high I hope that together we can be a shiny example of peace and prosperity between all races, if you ever need someone to talk to I'm always open to it you can find me throughout the school now on to other announcements. As many of you know this is our homecoming week you'll receive a schedule at your home room class detailing all the different events and themes throughout the week leading up to the student Fair and homecoming game on Friday with Saturday being the homecoming dance."
Finishing his speech he exited the stage with Sylvia grabbing breakfast and joining the table with the rest of the student council members to discuss the upcoming week.

Jack sighed after he swallowed his food. He was nervous about the dance. He had never learned to dance and he was sure Aello didn't know how either. If not for the brief lessons last weekend he would have refused to go. However he was still going as a group with Mia and Lily to the dance. He had no plans to go to the game.

Mia: Well looks like the pressure is on.

Jack: Tell me about it.

Lily: I'm sure you will have fun Jack.

Mia: Well he should be fine since he already has a date.

Lily: I.....

Mia: The main problem for us is do we choose to go dateless as a group or choose from the guys who ask us.

Lily: I don't Mia.

Mia: See what I mean. I am sure its a matter of time before the guys come rushing to us offering bribes and empty promises.

Jack quietly ate his big breakfast in hopes to not anger Mia as she boasted about being popular with the guys despite her flat features. Lily was red with embarrassment as Mia boasted. Lily was still skittish when it came to dating guys. She had obsessed over Jack for many years with her unrequited love and hardly gave other guys a chance to get close to her. She believed guys only looked at her to see her large chest and not the real her.

Mia: So Joseph.......... What are you and Bevel planning to do for Homecoming?


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