No clue

Jack quietly ate his big breakfast in hopes to not anger Mia as she boasted about being popular with the guys despite her flat features. Lily was red with embarrassment as Mia boasted. Lily was still skittish when it came to dating guys. She had obsessed over Jack for many years with her unrequited love and hardly gave other guys a chance to get close to her. She believed guys only looked at her to see her large chest and not the real her.

Mia: So Joseph.......... What are you and Bevil planning to do for Homecoming?

Joseph shrugged, "I don't have a date, mostly because people think I'm werid, being quiet and all, not to mention my social sickness. I was planning on going alone or just staying home." He gave a soft smile, "As for Bevil, he's been crushing on someone for a while, but is so scared to confess to them or talk to them that he might be going alone as well."

Bevil was back to listening to his music as his sisters were looking for dates, expect for Slyvia who cheerfully spoke with other popular girls. Bevil glanced up at Mia, before meekly looking back down.

Joseph: "You think for a guy with such popular sisters who are very extroverted he would be like them, alas he's as shy as a kitten." He looked at Mia, "Well, a street kitten."

He scratched his chin, "I've tried many times to get him to confess but he keeps getting scared. I'm half tempted to tell her."


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