Homecoming Week

Life at school had been quite troublesome for poor Jack as he struggled to make friends again. On the plus side he was able to talk to some students for a change. it was nice to not have them looking at him in fear and running away for a change. Sadly the school work as a bit hard and he did struggle to keep up with it. He even had to get help from various sources such as Lily and Mia when they came over on the weekends. Lily was still competing with Aello for who would be a better wife, but on a less dangerous level.

Once they were done helping him with homework, they would enjoy Ben's home cooking as Jack's father arrived home. Despite not having their mom around anymore they did manage to live a decent life and with the addition of Aello and the twins it made life interesting. Jack loved the twins, Tali and Lyekka as he played with them often to keep them out of trouble. Since they could fly a bit they tended to cause some mischief. This of course was entertaining for Mia who liked to see Jack squirm when she was not flirting with his brother Ben.

Of course during dinner Mia and Lily brought up the subject of Homecoming week starting next Monday. Jack had completely forgotten about it and looked like a deer in headlights as he had no proper response to give. Jack's father, Jay, asked if Jack planned on going to the dance or football game. Jack dropped his jaw as he was in full panic. Then Aello and Lily began to explain to Jack why he should take one of them to the dance and not the other. Aello said it was only fitting since she was his wife and the mother of his children. Lily said he should take her since she was his age and a fellow student and not someone from outside the school like Aello. Jack sank into his chair as he remained undecided and scared of hurting the girls feelings. It was a situation where if he picked one the other would be mad at him. Sadly he was leaning to picking Aello since he had to live with her everyday and they did have kids to consider, which was ironic since he was still a virgin.

Then Ben spoke up and told Jack to man up and take Aello since she was the mother of his children and didn't leave the house often. Lily conceded since she knew Aello was deprived of the high school life. Jack's father agreed it would be good if they simply went as a group like that did for Vamir's party. Ken and Ben watched as things turned out better with the father speaking. Aello was very happy to go to the dance with Jack even though he and she didn't know how to dance. So after some teasing Jack's father decided to show Aello how to dance while Lily decided to show Jack how to dance. Mia of course teased Jack for his clumsiness as she played with the twins.

Later on Jack's father had a taxi take Mia, Ken and Lily home. Meanwhile Jack and Aello gave the twins a bath and played with them some more before feeding them. As the days went by Jack was feeling closer to Aello and beginning to see her as a wife a bit more everyday. Though he did find Lily pretty, he only saw her as a possible friend for now. He felt guilty for not saying something to both of them but he had always struggled to express himself in the past. His indecisive attitude continued to bring him trouble through out life.

The weekend was soon over and Jack was up early again to get ready. He got cleaned up and dressed before waking up Aello and telling her he was going. She guilted him into a giving her a kiss on the cheek before she got up to get ready to tending to the twins who would be crying for breakfast soon. Since he could get breakfast at school it made it easier for them. Aello then washed up as Jack collected his things for school and kissed his sleeping twins goodbye. In the kitchen he saw Ben and his father getting ready as well. When he looked at the clock he saw the nanny would be there in an hour to help Aello with the twins. He was glad they met her through the female dog woman officer at the station. She was a dedicated and strict but kind nanny for Aello and the twins. It also helped that she was a retired teacher since the kids needed that for their education.

It didn't take long before Jack and Ben to leave for their bus, while their father hung around a bit longer to let the nanny in before he left. Aello was once again tired but ready to start her day as the nanny trained her and the twins on a daily routine to help them out. Since Aello was lacking in such knowledge, she was all to eager to prove to Jack she could be a proper mother and wife.

Meanwhile on the bus to school Jack and Ben sat next to each other even though they went to different schools that were not to far from each other. They took the public bus to get there since the other bus took to long. By doing this they could get more time to eat breakfast at school. Once they separated and went to school they saw the homecoming posters on the walls already. Jack sighed as it was a reminder of that time of year again. He had no plans on going to the football game, assuming they even had a football team in this school. He had no idea since he never bothered to check. However he noticed the posters for the dance coming up on the Saturday and he knew he needed to take Aello to it. As he walked through the halls of the school it was nice since most of the students had not arrived yet. So he made his way to the cafeteria to get breakfast.


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