Out Of Place

Jack was now way in over his head as he was being fought over by the two females. Luckily the babies began to cry a bit so Jack used that as an excuse to pass the phone to Aello so he could change the diapers. Aello and Lily debated a bit on their wants for the party and eventually came to an agreement on sharing Jack's company and taking turns dancing with him. Of course Jack had no idea that he was not going to get a say in the matter. After the girls hung up they felt good about their compromise and looked around. Lily called Mia back up and told her what happened with Aello and Jack. Aello on the other hand went to help Jack with the twins who were now playing with him.

Later on Jack was hoping to use the twins as an excuse to avoid Vamir's big fancy party. He was never popular in the past so he didn't think anyone would miss him, however he soon found he was wrong in so many ways. Aello wanted to attend the fancy party as a married couple despite not officially being married. Jack's father (Jay Gomez) and younger brother (Ben Gomez) wanted Jack to actually make some friends for a change and told Jack they would watch the twins for them and if things got bad Aello could fly them home. Aello liked this plan and poor Jack moaned as he lost his escape route. Granted he would rather spend the day with his kids, but he knew this party was a big deal a big possible chance to make a friend for the first time.

Aello was excited to meet the other students Jack would be going to school with. She planned to introduce herself as Jack's wife to help establish herself in case any other girls like Lily too a shine to him. Granted Aello and Lily agreed to a peaceful competition for Jack, even without his consent, so they had to be polite in public. This made poor Jack feel on edge as he felt like a trophy husband now. Granted Jack's father was middle management and making decent money they were a frugal family when it came to expenses.

However raising twin dragon babies was far from cheap, but luckily Aello did have her expenses covered by her mother. Aello had a treasure chest full of gems and gold coins to help her live on her own. Since gold sold for a high rate Aello could make a gold coin last a month with the basic needs. She also brought her unhatched eggs including the rare and highly sought after "Dragon Gems" which were dragon eggs that didn't hatch and turned into red gems. Oddly very few knew what the Dragon Gems truly were. Aello worked to Jack's father to sell the the Dragon Gems to rich collectors to help support raising the twins and set up a bank account for them.

So now that Aello had money to use, she begged Jack to take her shopping for a pretty dress. Jack caved in pretty quickly since Aello had a lot of feminine charm despite her dragon parts. So they took a cab to shop for some nice clothes and for both of them since Jack lacked any formal clothing as well. It was awkward for the both of them as they relied on the sales woman to help them out. However the clothing the sales lady was trying to push was expensive and uncomfortable. Of course by chance they ended up running into Mia and Lily at the same store.

Seeing as Jack and Lily were struggling with picking out some clothes for the party, Mia and Lily offered to help them. The sales lady was a bit annoyed but continued to help since she was still going to make a sale. As it turned out Lily and Mia were able to help Aello find a few dresses and semi formal wear as well as some formal and semi formal outfits for Jack. Of course Mia and Lily also bought some formal and semi formal outfits as well while Jack was forced to give his opinion. Oddly enough the girls gauged Jack's expression as a dependable meter. The more red and embarrassed Jack got the better the outfit was in their opinion. The females found Jack cute and easy to read during the fashion montage.

When Jack had to model his clothing he received many giggles and teasing comments till be came out in a semi formal outfit consisting of nice black slacks, a silk blue long sleeve shirt button up shirt and a think leather jacket. Even Mia found Jack attractive for a moment. Jack was nervous till he got a thumbs up from the ladies. Aello and Lily decided that Jack should wear that outfit and they would wear their blue dresses that blended well with him. Mia made a joke about Jack having a flower on each arm at the party. Jack blushed as Aello and Lily felt proud to be the flowers.

After buying their clothes they had lunch and talked bout the party. As luck would have it Mia was taking a limo provided by her parents and offered to take Jack and Aello along. Aello was happy to get the experience while Jack felt like a fish out of water. Mia also mentioned that her little brother, Ken, was planning on spending the night with Jack's brother Ben the night of the party. So after the girls made their plans they took separate cabs homes.

The next day Jack and Aello tended to the twins till they had to get ready. Jack looked at himself in the mirror before agreeing that he did look somewhat cool now. Of course that all changed when he had to help Aello with her dress since she was not used to a dress with a zipper. Seeing so much skin on Aello made his heart skip a beat. However he managed to keep it together till they were finished getting ready. It wasn't long after that Mia and Lily showed up in the limo. Once aboard they made their way to the Silvertree Manor. Along the way they chatted about who they thought Vamir was. Mia had more info on Vamir since he trained at her parents dojo.

Once they arrived they were in a line behind other vehicles for a while till the staff let them out and escorted them to the entrance. There was already a small line ahead of them as they slowly moved up. The manor was very impressive and many people were dressed nicely as they followed them in. They were curious what they would see when inside and to their dismay it was just as fancy outside as it was inside. Jack, Aello, Mia and Lily felt very out of place when looking around. Hoping to not stick out they made their way to the hordurves table.


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