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Meanwhile back at Jack's home, Jay, Jack's father, and Ben, Jack's younger brother, were busy watching the twins, Tali and Lyekka while Jack and Aello were at the Elisare party. To help out Mia's little brother Ken came over since he was best friends with Ben. As Grandpa Gomez (Jay) was playing with the twins, Uncle Ben and Ken were making a meal for them. Well it was mostly Ben cooking since ken was just talking and handing Ben stuff. Grandpa Gomez loved his granddaughters and it didn't matter that they were dragon girls. In his eyes they were cute and heart warming. He was supporting of his son's instant family of Aello and the twins. For a long time of seeing his son get avoided by others his age he was very worried he would never date a girl much less get married and have kids. Granted this happed way to fast since his son was still in high school, but life can't always be planned.

Ben was busy in the kitchen making homemade ramen from scratch since he had made a few bottles that he stored in the fridge for the twins. Luckily for them they managed to find synthetic milk for the twins so Aello could get a break from feedings. Since the twins were still needy at their infant age, Grandpa Gomez aided them with up to date resources. Since he managed to increase the house finances with the treasure Aello brought over they could afford quality baby toys, a crib, play pen, bottles, medicine, sleeping aides and so on.

Unfortunately now that both of the twins could fly they found the play pen was not as useful unless it was for napping. To help them sleep without Aello or Jack nearby, Grandpa Gomez purchased a few plushies to Soothe newborns to sleep with actual in utero recording of a mother's heartbeat. After testing a few of them they found using two of them worked very well in helping the twins to sleep well during naptime.

While the twins were napping Grandpa Gomez ate with his son Ben and Ken at the table and talked about how cute the twins were.

Jay: So do you boys have any plans later on?

Ben: Yeah Ken brought some games over for when Jack and Aello get home.

Ken: You don't mind to you Mr. Gomez?

Jay: Oh no as long as you keep it quiet. The twins are light sleepers.

Ken: It must be hard raising newborns huh?

Jay: Yes it is, but it's part of being a parent.

Ben: I still don't don't Jack is ready for it dad.

Jay: True, but sadly there is no training manual for being a parent.

Ken: How did you do it Mr. Gomez?

Jay: Well I did have help from my late wife. That and I learned from other couples and experience along with time. By the time you figure it out the kids are grown up.

Ben: It was hard without mom though.

Jay: Yeah your mom was amazing.

Ken: Oh by the way Mr. Gomez, my dad asked if Jack was coming back to the dojo.

Jay: You might need to ask him. However I am not sure it will happen anytime soon since he is raising the twins right now and school is about to start.

Ken: No biggie. Just passing the word.

Jay: How about you and Mia. Are you still training with your dad?

Ken: Yeah. My dad won't let us off. It would be nice to get a break now and then.

The three continued to talk over their meal. Then once the twins, Tali and Leykka, woke up Grandpa Jay played with them as ben warmed up their milk. Ben fed Tali as Grandpa Gomez fed Leykka. Then they burped them and changed their diapers. After a few more hours of play time Grandpa Gomez gave them a bath and put them in a cute onesie. Tali was wearing a bear onesie and Leykka was wearing a lioness onesie. The looked so cute Grandpa Gomez quickly pulled out his camera and took a lot of pictures for his Facebook page.


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