How Cheesy

Lily: Sorry Joseph. Aello is new to human culture. As for Mia, well its best to be straight forward with her. She has odd taste in general and as far as I know she is still single.

Joseph looked at Jack, then Aello and Lily. He thought for a moment and it clicked for him. He looked down a bit embarrassed. He rubbed his face to end his blushing. He stepped back from Jack, "Sorry about asking about Mia, I'm not that good with socializing. To be fair, besides Bevil and my own mother no one really talks to me, well actually talks to me. Some kids kinda just push me around or mock me, that was until...." He cut himself off as he turned and saw Team Krush. "I forgot those idiots were invited. Think their top dogs when they are...." Joseph froze for a moment, "Oh no." He realized Red X was better at socialization, but he didn't expect this part to make his alter ego become active like this. It scared him, more than anything. "Sorry guy, I have to go. I, don't feel well. Sorry for asking Jack, must have made it uncomfortable for you. You guys just have fun, I'll be around." He quickly dashed out of the manor, in a panic. Pushing pass Team Krush and reached his mask. He grabbed it and ran to the far corner of outside the Manor and changed his outfit, the one Red X wanted.

Jack was confused by what Joseph was talking about since he barely spoke before he left. Jack wondered if Joseph was not feeling well or if he ate something that hurt his stomach.

Aello: He left quickly.

Jack: No kidding.

Jack looked at Lily.

Jack: Is that normal for him?

Lily: Yeah he does that a lot. There is a few rumors about him in school.

Jack: What kind of rumors?

Lily: Well some say he is sickly, some say he hears voices, some say he gets weird in crowds, but he doesn't talk much about it. Once in a while he will talk to me outside my house since we are neighbors.

Aello: What a strange boy.

Jack: That's funny coming from you Aello.

Aello: Don't be mean Jack.

Jack: Sorry. I noticed I am attracting a lot of odd people as of late.

Lily: Jack be nice.

Jack noticed Aello and Lily were glaring at him sternly. He realized he should have kept his big mouth shut.

Jack: Sorry girls. I should not have said that. I........

Then Lily and Aello shove a cracker coated with shrimp Pâté in Jack's mouth. jack took that as a cue to stop talking and quietly eat. Lily and Aello then gave him a satisfying grin since he was able to take a hint.

He put on a black shirt with a red tie before putting on a black suit with two long "tails" He changed his shoes to black and red shoes. He took his glasses off and put in the red contacts. Once he was sure he could see he combed his hair back to a neat back swept before putting the mask on, now he was ready. Red X entered the party and followed after Team Krush.

Jack noticed a masked man enter the doors shortly after the "Team Krush" Joseph mentioned. He then looked at Lily with confusion.

Jack: Did that Vamir guy order entertainers?

Lily: I don't know but I would not put it past him. He does like to show off his wealth from what I heard.

Aello: Are they dancers?

Jack: I was thinking entry level wrestlers, bit I don't see any mats.

Aello: Mats? Is that a person?

Lily: No. Jack is talking about the people who are part of the wrestling federation. They put on a big show as they pretend to beat each other up.

Jack: You seem to know a lot about that Lily.

Lily blushed as she paused for a moment before she spoke.

Lily: My father is a fan of a few of them.

Jack: I see.

Aello: Are yo a fan Jack?

Jack: Naw but my dad used to be till he started working longer hours. Now its just a thing of the past. My little brother Ben watches the cooking show now.

Aello: Oh is that why his cooking is so good?

Lily: It was good. My mom would be jealous.

Jack: Yeah from what I hear he is popular with the girls in cooking class.

Lily: I can see that.

Jack looked at his cell phone out of habit even though he didn't have many he could call friends.

Lily: Are you expecting a call?

Jack: Just nervous about leaving the twins with dad and Ben.

Aello: I am sure they will be fine. Father is very good with them.

Jack: I know but I am nervous about them doing something outrageous again.

Lily: Understandable. That mall incident was scary.

Aello: I am sure they will call if we need to leave Jack. If we need to I can fly us home quickly.

Jack: Yeah sorry for being such a worry wart.

Aello: Perhaps we should try some more food. They have many of those cube things by the fruit.

Jack: That's cheese Aello.

Lily: You haven't had cheese yet? Its very good and there are so many flavors.

Jack: Yeah but take your time sampling them since its a new thing for you.

Then Jack and Lily began educating Aello on the different kinds of cheese on the table and the crackers they went with.


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