Aello then put a cracker with a shrimp Pâté in Jack's mouth. Poor Jack tried not to choke on it as he ate it. He covered his mouth just in case and when Aello and Lily seemed concerned for him. Lily then gave Jack a glass of water to help him swallow the food.

Lily: Are okay Jack?

Aello: I'm so sorry Jack. I just wanted to share.

Jack: I'm okay.

Jack took his time sipping water to clear his throat.

Lily: Sorry Joseph. Aello is new to human culture. As for Mia, well its best to be straight forward with her. She has odd taste in general and as far as I know she is still single.

Joseph looked at Jack, then Aello and Lily. He thought for a moment and it clicked for him. He looked down a bit embarrassed. He rubbed his face to end his blushing. He stepped back from Jack, "Sorry about asking about Mia, I'm not that good with socializing. To be fair, besides Bevil and my own mother no one really talks to me, well actually talks to me. Some kids kinda just push me around or mock me, that was until...." He cut himself off as he turned and saw Team Krush. "I forgot those idiots were invited. Think their top dogs when they are...." Joseph froze for a moment, "Oh no." He realized Red X was better at socialization, but he didn't expect this part to make his alter ego become active like this. It scared him, more than anything. "Sorry guy, I have to go. I, don't feel well. Sorry for asking Jack, must have made it uncomfortable for you. You guys just have fun, I'll be around." He quickly dashed out of the manor, in a painc. Pushing pass Team Krush and reached his mask. He grabbed it and ran to the far corner of outside the Manor and changed his outfit, the one Red X wanted.
He put on a black shirt with a red tie before putting on a black suit with two long "tails" He changed his shoes to black and red shoes. He took his glasses off and put in the red contacts. Once he was sure he could see he combed his hair back to a neat back swept before putting the mask on, now he was ready. Red X entered the party and followed after Team Krush.
Wally pulled the mic around and faded down the end to the current song. "Hey there all you beautiful Point Break boys and girls. This is your DJ just checkin' in, making sure you're all happy little slaves to the rhythm. Got my man Bevil up here, and we're gonna combine our powers to slide the sick-o-meter past the level you can handle." He started the next set and began to fade the pounding rhythm of the EDM number in, "Keep it rockin', y'all."

Bevil blushed a bit at everyone staring at him as he got up on the booth.

Doffing his headphones, Wally turned back to Bevil. "So yeah, let's hear those remixes, my guy. I wanna see wha'cha got. Assuming you have 'em on your phone, you can just plug a cord into there," he pointed to a particular port, "And we'll preview it and see what we got."

Bevil pulled out his phone and plugged it in. He looked through his playlist to see what would be good. As he looked back up at the crowd he saw Team Krush heading towards Lily. He got a little worried before he saw Red X walking towards them. He froze at the sight of Red X as the alter ego and hero of Bevil nodded at him. Bevil scrolled to Red X's playlist and clicked it, it was a mix of rap, rock, and other powerful remixed songs.
Red X approved of these songs, most of the parties he crashed would often get wild with the music that played, so he preferred this kind of music for parties. Bevil looked at Walter with a smile, "How's this?" He waited for his approval while keeping an eye on Red X.

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