A Russian, a Olog-Hai and a Mafia Part 3

After a couple of hours, they found a casino in a slightly "dirtier" place in Point Brake.
After a few minutes of thinking if they were ready for this, they decided that they would study to try to get money.As soon as they entered, the only thing they could hear was the screams of players who were either happy or angry because they had lost all their money.Looking around they decided to play on a slot machine.
And the only free one in the corner of the casino was completely worn out and who knows if it works, but they certainly didn't want to wait for their turn.
Maurice:Well this is all or nothing Ogor.After he pulled the handle he heard a huge bang in the machine and it started to turn and turn and turn until in shock they both stopped at three 7 They were both in shock and lucky that they started screaming with happiness that there were other players around and they were in shock but not like Maurice and Ogor.

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