Bringing the Noise

Bevil smiled, "That actually sounds awesome, my remixes aren't that good, just remixes of rock music, kinda basic. I wouldn't mind seeing what it's like to be the DJ, sounds great!" Bevil became excited at the idea of being a DJ, or at least around their set up.

"A'right man, c'mon!" Wally grabbed his plate that was well-loaded with appetizers as well as his cup of punch and gestured with his head for Bevil to follow him.

Up in the DJ booth, Wally set his goodies down on a back table and found another chair for Bevil, as well as a set of headphones. "Here man, get settled in. I'm just gonna intro the next set and then we can play around a bit."

Wally pulled the mic around and faded down the end to the current song. "Hey there all you beautiful Point Break boys and girls. This is your DJ just checkin' in, making sure you're all happy little slaves to the rhythm. Got my man Bevil up here, and we're gonna combine our powers to slide the sick-o-meter past the level you can handle." He started the next set and began to fade the pounding rhythm of the EDM number in, "Keep it rockin', y'all."

Doffing his headphones, Wally turned back to Bevil. "So yeah, let's hear those remixes, my guy. I wanna see wha'cha got. Assuming you have 'em on your phone, you can just plug a cord into there," he pointed to a particular port, "And we'll preview it and see what we got."


Meanwhile, the party had been joined by four tough looking human boys, who were clearly there together. The one who seemed to be in charge was Robby McVey. McVey's dad owned a popular MMA gym in town, and Robby was one of the top prospects. The other guys with him were also members of Team Krush: The name of their training stable.

"Hey hey," Robby elbowed one of buddies and pointed with his chin in Lily's direction. "She sure looks...talented."

"Nah, man, don't do it," his friend shook his head. "She's always hangin' off that guy Jack."

"That's Jack's problem," Robby snorted, and started off in that direction.

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