The Invite

Time: Summer
Location: Point Break City

Looking at Ryo Vamir asks "Did you send out the invitations for the back to school party at the estate?" Ryo looked at his Ipad "yes Master Vamir would you like to see the list?" Ryo asked. Vamir gave a reinsuring smile. "no I trust you." Ryo looked back at his Ipad "as you wish Master." he replied.

They arrive at the estate Ryo opened the door for Vamir he gets out and walked into the house. The 6 servants in a line greet him as he walks by. He walks into the living room and sits Amber sits across from him. the Finnish up the business at hand. Vamir sends out a few texts to people he knows telling them he is back in town.

( invitations for the back to school party at the estate is for all characters.)

The invitation says:
Please join us for a back to school party.
Hosted by Vamir Ellisare Silvertree
at his Silver beach estate at 7 PM
give the address on beach drive.
Please, let us know if you and a guest are coming call and the phone number.

Lily entered her house to greet her family and tells them about her day at the mall and dinner with Jack and his family as well as Mia. It was an amusing story for her folks and afterwards her parents gave her a letter from Vamir. Apparently it was an invitation to his party for his classmates. She quickly called Mia on the phone only to find out Mia also got an invite as well. They talked a bit about the event and decided to meet the next day to decide on what to wear.

Then after they hung up Lily called Jack to see if he also got the invite. Jack was not sure till he asked his little brother Ben who got the mail earlier. As it turned out they did get an invite to the event as well. Ironically Jack would have missed it if Lily didn't say anything. As Lily was asking Jack to be her Plus One at the party Aello butted in on the conversation and realized Lily was making a move on Jack already. Aello then guilt tripped Jack into taking her to the party. Jack then asked about the twins and Jack's father agreed to watch them that night. Ben also agreed to help his father watch them. Lily was a bit miffed by this and guilt tripped poor Jack into dancing with her.

Jack was now way in over his head as he was being fought over by the two females. Luckily the babies began to cry a bit so Jack used that as an excuse to pass the phone to Aello so he could change the diapers. Aello and Lily debated a bit on their wants for the party and eventually came to an agreement on sharing Jack's company and taking turns dancing with him. Of course Jack had no idea that he was not going to get a say in the matter. After the girls hung up they felt good about their compromise and looked around. Lily called Mia back up and told her what happened with Aello and Jack. Aello on the other hand went to help Jack with the twins who were now playing with him.


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