The start of the Back to school party

Vamir had been working on the party all day making sure everything was in place. He looked into the mirror button his white shirt up. Looking over to the set of white gold and silver chains. He picked one silver and white gold chain. He placed them around his neck. Vamir stepped back to get a full view Vair wore a smart white shirt, teaming it with a dark blazer. This becomes a smart casual outfit by wearing the white shirt with jeans he thought. He thought to finished off the outfit with a pair of black shoes to keep the smart edge. Since there is no tie, Vamir left the top button undone, keeping everything on a casual level. This choice should be good to go he thought.

He walked out of his room down the hall to the main entryway Ryo and Amber were standing there she was wearing a nice leather jacket and pants with a white blouse as well. She smiled at Vamir "Looking good Vamir. trying to impress someone?' she asked. Vamir grinds "never know who might show up. I need to look good at all times, Amber." he said walking by her then stopped. "You're not looking bad either Amber expecting some?" She let out a laugh "I am sure I will find someone to have some fun." she replied.

Ryo cleared his throat. "Master Vamir, and Lady Amber you should move to greet gest soon," he said looking at his iPad. "I will be there on time. I will be right back I will tell the DJ to start," he said as he turned to walk away. Amber nodded to Ryo "I will make sure Ryo don't worry." she said as she followed Vamir. as walked out by the pool the DJ was on a platform with all of his equipment.

Amber and Vamir waked up to Walter. Vamir was told that the JDs name was Walter Kim he was not a tall guy his Spiky blue hair made him stand out. "Kim, you ready? You can start your craft now the guest should start to arrive any time now," said Vamir.

The drive up estate
back party area
look in one room

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