Time: Summer
Location: Point Break City
Lily: Sorry my mom wants me inside.

Lily waved at Joseph and went inside to talk to her worried mother. Naturally she egged Lily on till she got the basic story down. Lily's mom quickly figured out Lily was happy to see Jack again and was concerned she might do something foolish so she made her promise to talk to her if anything happened.

Joseph waved her goodbye before going home himself, it didn't take him long, he lived only a few houses down. Opening his door he shouted, "I'm home." His mother instantly greeted him with a hug, "Welcome home, how was your day?" Joseph explained his day to his mom, without the Red X part. His mom noticed the blood on the side of his mouth, "Joseph, what is this?" He wiped his mouth, "Oh, just some raspberry sauce, must have forgotten about it." His mom looked at him concerned, "Joseph, did someone hurt you?" Joseph smiled, "No, no. Just raspberry, I swear." His mom gave him a sad look before going on her business.
The two talked and laughed at the night while they ate dinner, however that was cut short when the news came on about Red X.
News: "Seems the the vilganite known as Red X is back at it agian. Red X has stopped an ogre who was threatening children, however in regular fashion, Red X broke several spines, fractured both of his kneecaps, broke his noise, caused a concussion and tased him in the throat, firing his vocal cords. Police are still stumpt on how they can not find this menace, however with his tactics and skills, many are afraid of what will happen if they do, this is Point Break News, signing out."
Joseph became quite as his mom watched the news, frightened by Red X, if she only knew that the man was right beside her, planning on doing it again.

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