The Twin Effect

Time: Summer
Location: Point Break

After a few days of sleepless nights of taking care of the twins, poor Jack and Aello were feeling run down. With the help of Jay, Jack’s dad, they managed to get some bottles, formula, diapers and some clothes. However they still needed to get a stroller, playpen and more clothes for Aello and the twins. As it was Aello was wearing Jack’s old clothes.

Sadly Even though Jack’s dad, Jay, and bother, Ben, loved the cute twins, Ben was annoyed with Aello after discovering her poor skill level in cooking and chores. When asked to roast some meat she took it outside and burned it with a lightning bolt. The worst part was that Jack had to explain that humans didn’t eat charcoal or live food like dragons do. The difference in culture was already a big challenge in their relationship.

Luckily Aello made a trip back to her old nest to retrieve her old dragon eggs, scales and treasures. To help her begin a new life, Aello’s mother left her a chest of gold coins and gems for daily expenses. So her nest egg was a big help for their future expenses. Jack’s father managed to convert some gold and gems into cash and deposited it into a bank account for Jack. This money was to be used for raising the twins. Sadly poor Jack and Aello were already in over their heads raising their cute twins.

So since they needed to buy more stuff for the twins they called a cab to take them to the mall since neither of them could drive. Once at the mall, the twins were in awe by the bright colors and decor. Since the stores catered to all races, the mall was filled with all types. The first thing on their list to purchase was the stroller so they slow made their way past many stores.

Jack was trying to ignore the looks they were getting by other shoppers, since they were a young couple from different races. When they arrived at the baby store Jack was annoyed and embarrassed by the older female sales rep, who was from the cat clan. Though she was polite and eager to help, Jack could feel her judging them for having kids so early. It was wearing him out and wanted to hurry up and leave.

After buying the the baby stroller and play pen they left to rest at the bench’s by the bathroom. Aello took Tali to the bathroom to change her diaper as Jack stayed with Lyekka who was sitting in her stroller made for twins as he looked at the list of things on the list. While Jack was focused on his list he failed to notice Leykka floating out of her stroller as she was trying to fly.

Then he heard Leykka laugh and panicked when she was missing. As he looked around he heard her but could not see her in the stroller or the floor. Then he looked up and was shocked to see her flying above him as she smiled and laughed. Jack was scared as he tried to get Leykka to fly to him. This of course attracted the attention of the nearby security guard who came running as he heard Jack in a panicked state. It didn’t take long before the security guard realized that there was a flying baby nearby so he called in for help. The security guard was shocked to see a baby flying since the mall had spells to prevent anyone from flying in the mall to prevent accidents and trouble.

Suddenly Leykka started to cry as air conditioner turned on and she was being pulled by the vacuum away from the walkway and towards the open area where she was struggling to fly at sixty feet above the ground. By this time Leykka was crying and reaching for Jack as it looked like she was getting tired from flying. Since the security guards were still on the way with the safety equipment, Jack began looking around for a way to rescue Leykka.

Then as the security guard was talking on his walkie talkie, Jack climbed on top of the railing as he chanted to power up his “God Wind Speed” and jump a good twenty feet to catch the falling Leykka before grabbing a nearby banner used for advertising. Sadly now Jack was stuck since high up and holding a baby. He was glad Leykka was safe but now he had no idea how to get down. Then by chance he heard a voice calling his name and looked down. To his dismay he saw a familiar face from his past by the name of Lily Carson. Lily was one of his classmates back in elementary school. She was bullied by an orc bully and Jack beat him up which led to Jack having to leave the school later on.

Next to Lily was another former classmate named Mia Lightfoot from the cat clan. Apparently Lily managed to get some others to carry an inflatable ball pit under Jack during the crisis. It was a good thing to since Jack was loosing his grip at this point. Now that Jack had a soft landing he positioned himself above the inflatable ball pit and let go of of the banner before he cradled Leykka in his stomach. Then Jack fell and landed in the inflatable ball pit.

Jack was relieved when he saw Leykka was okay in his arms clinging to his shirt. Once out of the ball pit Jack met his former classmates Lily and Mia and thanked them for helping out. Shortly afterwards Aello arrived with Tali in the stroller in a panicked state. She was happy Jack and Leykka were okay and thanked Lily and Mia for helping. It was then that Aello introduced herself as Jack’s wife After dealing with the security guards they all had lunch together. Poor Jack was feeling stressed out during lunch as he ate quietly. As the twins slept soundly the tension between Aello and Lily was thick. Apparently Lily also had feelings for Jack since he rescued her from the orc bully in elementary school. Lily found it unfair the Aello was using the twins to win Jack over.

Jack was shocked to see that Aello and Lily were in love with him. Mia on the other hand found it amusing seeing Jack squirm. When Jack was questioned by Lily he was caught lying several times as Mia pointed out his lies. Then Lily pointed out that she knew the babies were dragons since the anti-flying spell in the mall could only be bypassed by high level combat magic or dragons. She also pointed out that someone posted online the shadow of a dragon and unusual lightning on the day Jack met Aello. Lily figured out that Aello and the twins were dragons. Aello on the other hand was worried Lily would lure Jack away from her with her much larger chest. Apparently Aello was insecure about her modest chest as she glared at Lily.

After a stressful lunch in the food court Lily and Mia joined them shopping for baby clothes as Jack carried the bags and pushed the stroller holding the twins. He found it unsettling that Aello and Lily called a cease fire and began shopping for the twins. The rest of the day was rather boring for the worn out Jack. To make it more awkward Lily and Mia joined them in the cab to go home. At the house Lily and Mia continued bickering about wanting Jack. Jack tried to get help from Mia and his younger brother Ben, but they left to the store to get ingredients for dinner since Ben was cooking.

So poor Jack was in the hot seat as he was questioned by Lily and Aello on his likes and dislikes. Since the twins were sleeping poor Jack had no way to escape his situation. Then after a long grueling debate Aello allowed Lily to visit Jack at home so they could compete for Jack on equal grounds. Shortly afterwards Ben and Mia arrived and Ben began cooking. Of course Aello and Lily wanted to help Ben to show of whatever skills they thought they had

Mia took that moment to tease Jack a bit for stringing along two females. Jack was not amused by Mia as he sighed. Then Mia began telling Jack she found Ben to be very cool now and was interested in him. Jack told her to wait till he was in high school before dating him. Then Mia told Jack that Ben might fall for her adult charms. Without thinking Jack pointed out that Mia was lacking in an adult body till Mia warned him that if he finished that sentence sh would book him a one way trip across the River of Styx. Jack begged her to cancel the trip as he remembered her family ran a martial art dojo. Then Jack’s dad came home in time for dinner as they talked about old times and the twins. After dinner Mia CD a Lily took a cab home and Jack was very stressed out. Now Jack was was worried going back to school.


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