Saying Hello

Time: Summer
Location: Point Break city

Red X approached to where the thug was. He was a big guy from the ogre clan. He had a kid against a wall, when he looked over at Red X he dropped the kid, "Took you long enough." Red X tilited his head, "You were expecting me?" The ogre smirked and popped his knuckles, "If I beat you, I become a legend." Red X sighed, "Go home kids, I'll handle this." The kids ran home, the ogre charged at him.

Red X stood on the thug's chest, "Does it hurt? Good, your nothing but filth." He grabbed the thug by the neck and tazed him. The orge went unconscious, Red X pulled out a spray can and sprayed a Red X on the thug's chest before he called the cops. When the police arrived, Joseph was long gone. He changed his clothes and headed home. When he got home, he saw Lily being dropped off by a taxi. He walked over to her, "So, Jack is back, how did dinner go?" He quickly texted his mom letting her know he was right outside. Joseph had a bit of blood on the edge of his lip, but he didn't take notice. He wanted to make sure his neighbor was having a good day.

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