A Russian, a Olog-Hai and a Mafia Part 1

While Mauric and Orog ran away from the mafia Mauric had only one thing to sey to his big friend "If we escape now we will become rich" ans the olog he just laughed and said "Rich and famous my tark friend".

Time: Summer
Location: Point Break City

After Mauric finished his job he had only one thought in mind "I'm fucked" not only that he has almost nothing to do and that they always pay him a little for his troubles but he still needs to think about his accommodation and where he can drink because his homemade votka is increasingly disappearing.
As he was walking through the city in the poorer part of finding somewhere to sleep, he noticed something strange.And who was lying there on the floor covered with a blanket,a olog and he was mocks by the people for no good reason.After seeing this Mauric came over and told him just one thing “do you want to eat with me?".

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