Time: Summer
Location: Point Break city

Joseph walked through the city, his headphones playing classical music while he looked on his phone. He was reading the news on how the police and the media is dealing with is alter ego, Red X. He couldn't help but smile as they were all stunned and shock by his skills. He put his phone away as he crossed the street, he decided to go to the beach. It took him a bit before he made it to the beach. He smiled as he looked at the coastline. He pulled out his phone and switched the music to metal music. He opened his bag and pulled out his Red X outfit.
He changed his clothes under the cover of a sewage pipe. Once he was changed he pulled out his computer and began looking for his target, a thug was going around picking on middle school students. He smiled, "Found my prey for the day." He packed up his stuff and headed over to where the thug was.

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