Maurice is looking for somewhere to stay

Time: Summer
Location: Point Break City
It was a beautiful and very quiet sunny day in Point Break City, but at one small secluded stop in a slightly suspicious part of town one could only hear two things. The tires of a bus going on the ground and two people singing like crazy while listening to some good music. And the song was from the band AC/DC Highway To Hell. "Now its your part Jones!"
"Yes yes I know Maurice because I'm on the highway to hell, Highway to hell, I'm on the highway to hell, Highway to hell, Don't stop me!"
After one or two minutes, the bus stopped and one person gets out.
"Jones, I've been glad to travel with you here, and another time if I need someone to drive me, I'll call you right away."
"I was glad too Maurice i was glad as well now let me go back to the highway to hell!"
Maurice watched as his new friend left and just laughed as he took a sip of vodka.
"My too mate me to."
"Now I have to find somewhere to settle and a job" After taking his suitcase full of clothes and his box full of tools, he prepared to walk around the city until he could find somewhere to stay at. And so the adventure begins for Maurice.

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