One Crazy Summer

Time: Summer
Location: Point Break City

It was a nice Summer day and Jack Gomez was shopping at a local convenient store one day for his mother. He tried to be helpful since it was his fault they had to change schools again. His need to bring bullies to justice was simply seen him being a delinquent. So he was doing his best to enjoy his last Summer before starting at a new high school called Point Break High. Since they lived near the coast he would often look at the Tooth-like Island off the coast some called Fang Rock.

Over 52 years ago Earth and another world's space collided somehow and an unusual species came to co-exist with humans called Anthromorphs. The Tooth-like Islands called Fang Rocks also serve as historical sites for explorers. Each clan worked with the world governments and with help managed to adapt to human society. However at the same time some humans were able to gain limited magical abilities. After sometime the Anthromorphs went to school with the humans and are still dealing with bullies on both sides, but many others seem to get along just fine. Some Anthromorphs have been known to date outside their species.

Suddenly Jack saw lightning on top of the rock which startled him as it his the ground a good distance away from him. After waking up from his little daydream he began walking back home since he was worried a storm was coming. As he was minding his own business walking on the sidewalk, he was almost knocked over by a slightly charred Lion man who was crying in a panicked state. The Lion man was carrying a blanket like bag with something inside it as he ran by. Oddly enough the rude lion smelled of burnt hair. Jack managed to avoid getting hurt as he got up and dusted himself off only to get tackled by someone from behind.

As he looked behind himself he saw a cute female with blue hair and a torn raggedy dress crying in distress. He found her cute, but didn't know where to look as he also noticed her blue fuzzy tail. Jack was confused till she muttered her babies were stolen by the Lion man. Jack then gave her his cell phone, jacket and groceries and told her to call for the police before he began changing some magical words and bolted off after the Lion man. His "God Speed & Soar" spell allows Jack to use wind magic to increase his speed. However his body becomes stressed when using it for too long. So he raced after the agile Lion man and leapt onto a salvage truck to cross the road to quickly catch up. However he cut his hands in the process since the salvage truck was in rough shape.

Jack then leapt from the salvage truck and drop kicked the Lion man with a lot of momentum and forced the Lion man to his the cement hard causing him to black out. Jack then recovered a bit before he carefully took the blanket bag from the Lion man and found two heavy stones. This was very confusing for poor Jack as he was expecting to find some Anthromorph babies. Suddenly he felt like his energy was being sucked into the two stones. As his hands and the two eggs were beginning to glow the blue haired female arrived with Jack's phone and bags. She was happy to see Jack with her baby eggs as they were glowing. When they began to crack she cheered them on with excitement as she wanted them to hatch.

Jack was in shock as the two eggs hatched on his hands and revealed two adorable cute baby dragon girls. He was even more shocked when the blue haired girl kept calling him "papa" to the babies. Seeing as the babies were unprotected by the elements, he handed the babies to the blue haired girl and gave her his hoody to serve as a blanket for the babies. It was then that the blue haired girl introduced herself as Aello Dragoline and Jack Gomez introduced himself as well.

It didn't take long before they were picked up by the local police, which included humans and Anthromorphs. They had to give a statement and wait for the investigation to continue. Of course the babies god upset since they were hungry and the clueless mother, Aello, didn't know what to do. Ironically enough an old Anthromorph Rodent Sage named Germaine, who worked with the police came to help them. Germaine explained how limited knowledge on dragons was a normal thing and that Jack was the father since his life force was transmitted to the eggs through his blood and the will of Aello. He also explained that once a day Jack and Aello had to sit back to back while she breastfed so the babies could absorb some of his lifeforce to survive. This would be necessary till the babies were weened off.

Jack felt overwhelmed by his situation since he went form friendless and dateless to a parent in one day. Since Aello's home was the top of the Fang Rock and she needed to feed the babies with Jack her residence became a problem. However Jack's father arrived and was very understanding of the situation as he offered Aello to live with Jack. Aello was very happy about this and Jack was feeling very stressed out. Once they got home they soon learned that being a new parent came with a lot of hardships like no sleep, many feedings and changing diapers. Luckily Jack's dad and brother helped out a bit, but for the next few days Jack and Aello were exhausted as they had to shop for baby things.


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