Meeting The Prince

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Quinn made it back to The Lion's Den in no time. She would have finished her business at Gomorrah first but this particular Toreador wasn't always around at the clubs. She instantly spotted the Toreador, Monroe, and did business with him. He was one of the artsy Toreadors and, unlike many of them, prone to locking himself away in his studio for weeks at a time. Quinn knew her business with Monroe would be short and figured she'd kill two birds, so to speak. She sent a note to the Prince or more like his assistant Lia because Quinn was sure everything went through her.

I would like to request a brief meeting with the Prince being I am doing business in his city.

Primogen Quinn Abar

That was all she needed to say. She was a non-Camarilla doing business in a Camarilla city, even though she offered a needed service, it was important she meets with the Prince.

She could see he was handed the note from Lia she leaned down to him as he talked into her ear the music was not defining but loud enough making it hard to talk without yelling some. Lia stands back up and looked at her Ipad tapping on it a few times. He takes the same note and writes something on it. She gives it to a waitress and she talks with her for a moment. the waitress nods to Lia and walks to the bar prepares a drink. The waitress then walks over to Quinn with the note and a cup of blood.

When the waitress hands the drink to her she says, "This is a drink on the house from Mr. Williams and I am to give you the note.” After handing the drink and note to Quinn she walks off to serve others in the room. When Quinn opens the note says "Ms. Abar, Prince Alexander Williams will see you now if you have the time. Just come to his table If you wish or we can schedule another time."

Alexander and Lia look in Quinn's direction. waiting on what she does.

Quinn received the note and the drink. Upon reading the note: she turned to Monroe. "I'll get you that order in the next few days." She said goodbye to him and took her drink over to the Prince's table. Once there; protocol would dictate that she wait to be offered a seat.

She is watched carefully as she walks up by the two bodyguards nearby. Alexander gives a warm smile and motions for her to sit at the end of the half-moon table. After Quinn sits Alexander talks just above the sound of the club. "I am pleased to meet you, Ms. Abar. You are the first to came to and introduce yourself. I would like you to know that Primogen can ask for a meeting at any time with me." he says in a polite and professional tone.

Quinn took her seat. "Well, for what it's worth I have a feeling that might change shortly." The likelihood that other Primogens might come to the club and introduce themselves was pretty good. As for the rest. Quinn sipped her drink. "Well, you certainly are more pleasant than the last Prince. It's good to know that you are available. " It was time to move on with the business at hand. "You are aware I am the Primogen of the Brujah?" She didn't really know what he already knew so she'd start there; getting that part out first.

With a nod, he said, "I was informed of that. I am glad that the information was right about you. As for the last Prince, I am nothing like him and hope to do a better job of helping our kind here. Thank you for your compliment." the new Prince replied.

"Good to know." She was thinking this might work out but Prince's tended to be alright with the Brujah or they weren't. "I would assume then you also know that I run a business vital to our community." It was a given she was talking about the vampire community and the blood trade but there were mortals here and it was best if she didn't use those exact terms. "I can guarantee that business will be conducted under any rules you set in place." Not only was Quinn or any of the Brujah not Camarilla but also it would have been an impossible thing for any Brujah to agree to without it being their idea. "I will keep the other Brujah in the area reigned in, as much as possible." Also, an impossible thing to promise that all the Brujah would just fall in line as it's not the way any of them worked but she could do as much as she could.

He nodded again then took a sip of his blood drink. "I appreciate all that you do. I and my staff are here to help. Now that I said that. You can put out if you don't want to aline with the Prince I will give them a day to Leave and if they don't I will give the order to kill them on site. The circle or the elders however you wish to address them has already given me the power to do that. I am here to get this city in line hopefully not having to kill anyone." He paused to let the seriousness of his tone sink in.

He then gave a warm smile. "Lets not get on the unpleasantries I will cover all that in our Primogen meeting. I do look forward to it and getting to know you all. Tonight the Primogen have a free night on me. So all the facilities are open to you as a gesture of my goodwill. All you have to do is ask." He said then took a drink.

Well, he certainly was sounding like a Prince but what he said was understandable, given the circumstances. "Understood." It wasn't necessary to say more.

Quinn, of course, had been sizing him up. Given his age she had been unsure about why he was put in charge but was beginning to see it.

She nodded then thought for a moment before saying. "Just so you're aware the biggest problem this city has isn't the Brujah or the Gangel or even the Catiff. Its the Sabbat." Just the word Sabbat hissed from her mouth like a something sickening. Quinn clearly hated them and saw the Sabbat as some horrible scourge on Vampire kind. "Of course, it's your city and what happens in it is your call but I just wanted to let you know." Her last words said in an almost pleasant tone. She had no real feelings about this Prince, yet, but she didn't hate him. "Thank you for your hospitality. I do appreciate you being willing to let the Brujah continue to do business in your city."

The Prince smiled "I am pleased we see the Sabbat the same way. It has been a pleasure meeting you Ms. Abar. As much as I would like to spend all my time here talking with you. I must give others a chance to meet with me. Due to the security concerns of my staff, I can only meet one Primogen at a time right now. I thank you very much for coming and look forward to our next meeting." said Mr. Williams politely and in a professional tone.

Quinn knew she had been dismissed in a polite, professional manner but still dismissed. "Thank you for your time." She said politely and then stood up and left the table. Once she was done with her business with the Prince she left The Lion's Den and headed back to Gormorrah.

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