Info Exchange.

As Colette and Leon approached Jackson began writing something on a bar napkin. A short series of numbers two sets of three, with useless 1's at the start and end. Making the numbers appear to be a phone number to someone out of the loop. It was the new door code. Jackson changed it now and again to ensure only those with business had access.

Colette was the one to talk like she usually was, asking for the access to the basement Jackson lowered his voice despite the nearly empty bar "A little birdy gave me some interesting gossip I think you might want to tickle you ears." he cocked a lopsided grin. "Here is tidbit one." he opened the napkin and wrote a name on the inside. "Anton Lipnicki" he spoke as he wrote. "This is new. Not gotten around the grapevine yet." he went on, sliding it over to her. "He was convicted of some sort of criminal misconduct with children, and was recently released on a technicality. A bullshit one from the looks of it. Something about evidence that was part of another case he was involved in but wasn't part of that case, though it was allowed in because it was relevant. From what I am told. His sentence was a hell of a long one, but he was released, early. Weirdest part though. No one had ever seen his lawyer before, and every one on the board asked didn't see the same person." he paused, "While that is worrying, I think we need to worry about who this Anton is first."

Jackson then looked around, "This also found it's way to me." he said reaching under the bar, and placing a thick string folder in front of Colette. "This." he said "Is more troubling." he tapped his finger on it. "Copies of case files, pertaining to a killer they've named 'The Butcher of Bourbon Street'. Grizzly stuff in there, even for us." he actually looked shaken for a moment. "I don't know much about this stuff. Investigators don't either. They can't figure out how the person is killing in the manner they are, and they can't establish a pattern. No one person is alike. Non-gender specific, body type, nothing." he looked at her as if he wanted an answer but then didn't wait. "I think its one of us, can't tell what clan, or anything like that. Just thinking maybe your people could take a look at the photos, and do some poking around. Don't let the name fool you though this killer hunts in places other than Bourbon Street, that's just where the first three were found."


Helena nodded, "We can meet at another time to discuss terms." she said. "For tonight enjoy the show, enjoy the drinks. If you need anything..." Helena waved over a young blonde woman. "She will take your drink orders for the night. If you need me speak with Jackson at the bar and he'll get me. For now I have other business to take care of." she said taking her leave.

The young woman spoke, her voice sounding like something right out of the 50's. That sexy baby talk voice. "Hi, how are'ya. Is there anyting I can get'ya?"

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