14: War of the Worlds

This victorian world was dirty, smelly and dangerous, that was for sure. What Ethan had taken to be a lifeguard tower was actually the remains of a broken dockside crane. The pressure of the surging crowd threatened to topple the structure, he was reduced to yelling for help as the floor began to teeter as the comms had gone out again.
It was Wind Dancer that came to his aid grabbing his outstretched arms as the crane and hauling him out in just the nick of time as the crane's frame buckled and collapsed.
Ethan explained his idea quickly to his rescuers and thought that his arms might come loose at the sockets as Wind Dancer soared after her friend Firestar.
"Right let's make with the Firestarbolt combo," Sophie called out.
The idea was for Ethan to alter the wavelength of Angelica's 'fire' to see what might be most effective against the tripod.

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