18: Moonstone

The water tasted different. The family that took her in used something that gave the water a funny taste, she couldn't remember what it was called. She wanted to call it a Burta but that felt wrong. Then the short one said she thought differently than others. She began to back away from the short one. Her thoughts began to become overwhelmed by two thoughts. The first two tall ones she had ever seen. The short-haired one had nothing but hate in his eyes and called her an evil mu'ant. The long-haired one had hate and a touch of sorrow in her eyes. She was cursing something for giving her a damn mutie. Then the family that took her in, begging her to understand they were abandoning her to protect her from mu'ant haters. Gotta getaway. She began looking for a way out. She ran towards a door she jumped at the findly thing and tried to open the door. It gave very little. Loocked. She went and hid under some furniture.

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