18: Moonstone

Outside Dr Reyes office Emma Frost was talking with Val Cooper-Xavier. "I do not know what to suggest Val. She clearly trusts no one. She doesn't respond to care or kindness."
"Well, it's a completely negative response. Joshua was able to read her and there wasn't a single positive reaction to him. Even when she was fed . We can't force her to stay Val."
"If she is out in the world on her own Em she won't last a week. She will be hunted and lynched. Or dissected in some lab somewhere before you know it. How do you feel about Joshua going to see her now?"
"Not happy."
"Jamie can stop her if it goes pear shaped."
"No Val, you think Jamie can stop her."
"Joshua is our best bet you know, he chose her and from what you said she did react positively to him at the rescue centre."
"I said she didn't respond negatively. Not the same thing Val."
"Do you think Joshua would make the approach?"
"He's three years old, he cannot make that choice."
"He might say no Em."
"He doesn't get to decide."
"I want to help pusscat Moonstone Mama. She wont hurt me. I know she wont. She had plenty of chance to. But she didn't"
Joshua had the slightest of lisps but both women knew he was adamant.
"I go in with him," Emma Frost insisted.
For now there were two people in the room with Moonstone, Dr Reyes and Jamie Braddock. Sontag was outside as backup if she was needed.
Now Dr Reyes had had a chance to examine Moonstone she had been able to confirm she had the X gene.
"You are not a victim Moonstone," Jamie told her, he wasn't compelling her now, he could stop her with a word if he had to. "I know you are scared but you are very safe here. You are a mutant Moonstone. And so am I. Lots of people here are. We are safe here. All of us."
She was clearly distressed and it was Jamie's objective to help her be in a calm place without coercing her.
Cecilia took over at this point explaining that she was a doctor. "It is my job to make sure people stay well here Moonstone. You have fur and I need to clearly see your skin. So, I have to shave a little spot. I am sorry but it will grow back."
The door opened, Emma Frost and her little blond boy entered. He beamed a huge smile at the girl sitting on the examination couch.
"Hey Moonstone," he gave her a little wave. "Glad you are okay."

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