20: It's All in the Game (Thomas Jones)

I love playing these games, yeah it's fun shooting the shit out of the bad guys - okay some of them are technically good guys but technically we are bad guys so it all balances out - but it was the ongoing adventure that really got me. I was so stoked we destroyed the Golden Bough assholes. They so had that coming.
I was so pleased that when the session reached a natural pause and everyone took a break I hadn't had a scratch and I had a new weapon to try out. I wasn't about to do that in combat in case it was boobytrapped, I would get it to Weaponsmith to make sure it was safe.
Ethan had been yammering away about something when they started but I had tuned him out. I googled what I remembered and found I did know the guy. Alan Carr. Fat, bad teeth and specs, did Drag Race UK sometimes, bit of an oldies comedian, he was okay.
Why did he insist on thinking of me as fucking English, racist twat. "Why you asking me about England? Who's your favourite comedian from... I dunno Mexico or Canada?"

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