Mountain Prisoner

A naked Hunter watched as Islana was taken away with the group that appeared to have arrived last night. Just before she left their eyes crossed and as if in an unspoken exchange they silently wished each other good luck.

The sun was high in the sky and Hunter felt it's heat start to burn is naked skin. Apart from the occasional child that came and point at the naked man laughing and throwing some rocks at the man, only dogs came around him, sniffing and growling at the stranger.

He was weak, and was starting to get thirsty. But he could tell that whatever the Odonine were giving him seemed to be flushing out the poison from his system.

He tried and test the chains everytime he thought no one was looking but one time a youth saw him and kicked him in the face snapping his head against the rock pillar.

Hunter tasted blood on his lips.

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