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Islana had never out right told anyone her ability before, except Alexis. Her family had always known. Anyone else found out in a moment of desperation except for pig head man who - well, there was still a lot of questions in Islana's mind around that. Telling Shalia had a great deal to do with the power dynamic in their relationship. The woman could kill her for hiding it.

The explanation of Islana's life was long and the young woman decided all was needed was the condensed form to answer the questions asked.

"In a sense, I've always known. I don't mean my ability as it is now but I was always able to get certain animals to come to me. Animals that I could see. Bunnies, small birds, things like that. I was also always able to calm down certain animals, like horses, by just being near them."

Islana was trying to figure out how to explain the next part but all she could do was say what had happened. "A few months ago, I was almost killed and when it was about to happen I felt a shift inside of me. For the first time I was able to use my mind to call an animal to help me, an owl. Since then I've been able to call birds but when the man who called himself Alcuin attacked us, I had another shift and was able to control the horses."

How was she able to survive? It was on the tip of her tongue to say luck. Instead she said.

"My ability isn't that strong though it appears to be growing. It is very basic commands, only one animal at a time, and I have to concentrate to get it to work, it makes it easy to hide, except apparently when I'm in extreme danger. My family knew but they never allowed me to leave the woods we lived in, and told me to never show anyone what I could do. Once I left I just hid it."

Islana was convinced she would probably have to show Shalia when there was a chance to do so but it wasn't something she was concerned with.

"May I ask how long have you've known about your own magik?"

Shalia responded promptly, "Many years, though only recently I've truly embraced it all. My family never knew; no one in Helias did. A burden I refused to share." She frowned. "Let us not tire our words any longer. There is much to be said, but we should enjoy the serene view. The stillness of Fang."

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