Back Into the Fray

JP with Alexis, Voah and Gonyaul

“Nicolaus! I need you! Now!” Voah shouted down the tunnel.

She didn’t know if there was anything for it, but if there was the slightest chance that Tarmen could be saved, Voah would do what she could.

She inwardly berated herself now, realizing ridiculously late that they could have just lied to the miners and told them the hole had been filled in or collapsed. After all, the void was further in and no one would know the truth without inspecting for themselves. Right?

“Tarmen, stay with me!” she cried as his eyes rolled back and she dragged him over rock and stone.

Nicolaus started moving up the tunnel upon hearing Voah’s urgent summons. When he saw the state of the man she was dragging, he turned and shouted orders with a calm imperative tone. Gonyaul and an Ostiarum miner came moving up the tunnel with a makeshift stretcher they had put together earlier.

Nicolaus directed them to Tarmen with a point and command. The two swiftly move to the bloody and beaten body to collect it.

Once on the stretcher they hauled Tarmen back down into the tunnel where Nicolaus had set up his combat hospital.

With the aid of the soldiers, they managed to get Markus and the miners back to the mine entrance, everyone now sporting several new bruises and cuts for their efforts.

Alexis grimly wiped some blood and sweat out of her eyes as she directed the survivors behind the cover of the wagon.

She took a moment to survey the scene, then, frowning, she switched to her bow again.
The knights had the element of surprise, and for sure were better equipped and better trained. Also, Zane had cut down the raider’s leader. But they were still outnumbered. Better see to it that the raiders didn’t realise this and kept trying to flee rather than gang up on individual knights.

While she drew another arrow from her quiver, she called out to the soldiers.

“This is not over yet! Someone grab the bow from the front the mine and help me out here! Rest of you defend the barricades. Gotta be a spear lying around somewhere here. Throw freakin’ stones at them if you have to!”

Gonyaul was about to exit the tunnel and join the remaining fray; however, he noticed Markus and the other wounded near the wagon. He returned to the interior of the mine and soon after emerged with the same miner helping him with the stretcher from before.

They began taking those willing to enter the mine back to Nicolaus, starting with Markus. Any that resisted, for whatever reason, they left at the cover of the wagon.

Nicolaus, with the aid of Wim and other wounded still able to function, had their hands full back in the tunnel.

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