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Summary: A blacksmith and tinkerer hoping for a new start in Arcadia.

Markus Norixius

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Gender: Male

Age: 36

Group: NPC's

Physical Appearance

Markus is moderately tall, standing at around 5’11”. He has a muscular build, as comes with his profession. He has dark brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard, often matted with soot and sweat. He is frequently wearing a tough leather smithing apron over thick clothing, almost regardless of temperature. He has numerous scars and burns on his arms of varying severity, numbering about 20 in total.

Personality and interests

Markus is a cautious person, often quiet and reserved around people he is not familiar with. As he grows more comfortable with someone, however, he becomes far more warm and hospitable. Overall, he has a jovial personality, always willing to crack a joke with those he is comfortable with, or to diffuse tension. He is a blacksmith and tinkerer by profession and passion respectively. He became a blacksmith due to his father’s urgings in his younger years, as the forge had been passed down through many generations.


Markus is, as his father was, an especially gifted blacksmith and tinkerer, making everything from beautiful blades, to intricate scale mail, not to mention the simpler things, such as nails, horseshoes, and farm equipment. Markus is an average chef, save for a few recipies which he excels at. He knows his way around melee weaponry, as he spends countless hours making them. However, he is not proficient with any of them, as he has had no formal training on how to use them.


Markus was raised in a small community on the outskirts of Salos. His parents instilled a strong fear of magik into him from a very young age. His father, a blacksmith by trade, convinced Markus to take up the forge, both metaphorically and literally, and become a blacksmith as well. As time went on, Markus developed a passion for far more intricate projects, and began to tinker with more detailed creations, much to his father’s distaste. Despite this, Markus continued making more and more intricate objects, all of which too small to serve any real purpose or provide any real value.

Reason for being in Arcadia

His father’s growing distaste for his tinkering only grew over time, reaching its pinnacle when his tinkering consumed his passion for smithing, causing his father to abandon him, believing him to be a lost cause. Markus became unsettled, with nowhere else to go, he ventured into Salos. Upon reaching the city, he discovered that many people were heading to a previously unknown land, and they needed blacksmiths. Not seeing any other way out, Markus sought a new life in the wilderness of Arcadia.


Markus is in posession of an heirloom longsword, with engraved text on the blade, detailing his ancestor’s exploits. It has been passed down through many generations, and he hopes to have an adventure worthy of a new etching.

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Image of Markus Norixius
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