A new day


Sir Zane was up before anyone else, he had hardly slept, composing his messages to the Duke. Although a set back, the attack on the mine and the defence by the Ostiarium soldiers and knights would hopefully go a long way in strengthening their alliance with the Odonine, despite Tarmen's poor decision not to protect most of the clansmen that refused to go to the mine. Markus standing with them shoulder to shoulder while they were slaughtered would help as well.

Plus Sir Zane believed the Warchieftain would be to concerned with the obvious affront to his power in Fang to shift the blame to the Duke and his men. He had listened to a few long whistling just before dawn. Balt and a warband were on their way back and should be in Aquilo by midday. Plenty of time for him to deal with the others.

Voah - The old Knight finds you in prayer. He does not disturb you until he thinks you are done. He bears a letter with a symbol which you immediately recognise. The sign of the Inquisition. He tells you the Silent Flock has arrived in Arcadia.
"Margrave Otho, requests your presence at Bootlegger's Pier." he tells you noting your surprise and concern that the man has come to Arcadia leading the faithful.

Wim - You have learned what you can from your trips up north. Your findings will decide if Eren Sadir petition the Duke for the transportation of goods between Aquilo and Ostiarium. Although the killing of Boyce Blackwolf bear heavy on your mind, your wedding date is coming soon and maybe it's time to return. With new people arriving in city the season of opportunity is upon you.

Alexis - Despite being bone weary, your work is far from done. One of your original companions that set out of Greyriver's Steading with you, is dead and the other still somewhere in Fang presumably looking for Voah and Tarmen. Islana and Hunter, and Alcuin should be 4 days travel from Aquilo pass the ruined Maru fort. You need to decide what to do next as Nicolaus informs you he will be returning to the city the first chance he gets.

Gonyaul - Despite the respite last night with Voah, everywhere you look you see the signs and results of how these strange people live. They live and die by the sword, with battle and curses on their breath and walk the land as if apart from everything else. As if they stand above the world. The stench of death reminds you that your had planned not to get attached and involved with them and you are not sure if the path you chose is in line with your teachings. You see much good among these people, but so much evil too.

Tarmen - You weakly awake from your slumber. You are sore, broken, bloody and still touch and go if you will live or die. You remember your dream and call for Arbiter Voah. Before you are moved back to Ostiarium with the rest of the wounded.


Islana & Shalia - Your journey continues. Not just the physical one but were mutual journey of discovery. Soon the mountains give way to hills and the landscape around your starts to change. Everything around you appears to have a hue of red rust to it. You are nearing your destination, the Armat Caravanserai...

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