Voah heard the tentative but heavy steps of someone approaching. Lifting her head from prayer, Voah set eyes on Sir Zane who greeted her. He bore a letter with a symbol which she immediately recognized as the sign of the Inquisition.

"The Silent Flock has arrived. Margrave Otho, requests your presence at Bootlegger's Pier."

So… the Silent Flock had come to Arcadia with Margrave Otho, The Purger. They had been acquainted. This was heavy news. Otho was an older man who Voah had idolized many years ago for his devotion and reputation. A true believer and zealot.

They must have arrived on the ships just days before she left the gate city of Arcadia. This news didn’t sit well with her for many reasons. Of course, she was being summoned now. Summoned away from her new connections, pulled by to the old bonds of the Inquisition that held her like an anchor. And she still hadn’t found her Incus.

The knight noted her surprise and concern that the man had come to Arcadia leading the faithful.

“I must thank you, Sir. For you and your men saved us from certain death and worse… enslavement. I consider myself honored and indebted to your salvation.”

She took her leave from Sir Zane with a deep bow of respect and came upon Nicolaus who informed her that Tarmen had requested her.

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