Aftermath Winding Down

JP with Omni, Lorem, Bandorchu, Zeeke

Gonyaul found breathing out and in with the endless expanse of the sky a calming element. Calmer, he sat up slowly and glanced around again from atop the forge. Was that Voah?

It was. Though exhausted, he stood up quickly and waved, causing him to slightly lose his footing. Gonyaul fell over sideways and started rolling down the roof of the forge. He spread his body out, trying to gain more friction with the surface and was able to slow himself right before the edge. His feet went over first and having turned onto his stomach, he was able to grip on the side.

His legs were dangling beneath him, trying to find some form of footing. There was none. He looked over his shoulder and noticed it was not that far to the ground.

He released his hold and landed on his feet, instantly bending at the knees and rolling out along the ground to cushion the fall. The blood covered young man scrambled back up to his feet and began heading to Voah.

“Voah you ok?!”

When she noticed Gonyaul slip and fall she gasped and stop mid-stride. It didn’t help matters that he was covered in blood and charcoal. A shot of adrenaline shot through her and she ran forward not really knowing what to do as she was still a ways off and its not like she could’ve caught him.

She sighed heavily as he rolled for a softer landing, got to his feet and headed her way. She should’ve guessed that he might be trained in the art of falling and other martial arts as well.

“By the Gods! I could ask you the same thing! You’re trying to give me a heart attack!” she gaped at him in a mix of awe and disapproval.

Her body was in no condition for more strenuous excitement and when the sudden rush went flat, a heavy weariness took her.

The relief of carrying the burden of worry regarding Voah’s well-being finally lifted when he saw she was alive and in one piece. He knew she was injured and worn down from more than just the recent combat but she made it through. They made it through. This fact alone was like a single bright star piercing through the dark storm clouds at night in his heart from all the death.

He smiled and now had the luxury of inwardly laughing at how the two of them must look right now, not to mention barely standing.

“So sorry. I am well now seeing you.” He stopped in front of her wanting to give her a huge hug; however, wasn’t really sure where he could touch her right now that wouldn’t make he hurt more or reopen a wound.

He could see the weariness washing over her. Gonyaul offered,

“You want me draw buckets of water and get you rest. I fill in for you with helping clean up mess?”

She had done so much and deserved a real rest. He could manage burying bodies and cleaning up the place along with the other survivors.

“ Oh, I would very much like that, darling… but I cannot just leave the scene of a battle to bathe.”

She rubbed her tired eyes and face and yawned.

“No, I cannot rest until all is settled with the dead, the wounded and Tarmen has been relocated to a better place. You have no responsibility to tend to these people and you’ve done enough already. Besides, it looks like you need to wash up. Are you sure you’re not hurt?”

She wanted to fall asleep right there in his caring arms, but he was covered in blood that might also be his own.

He felt himself over as if not entirely sure. He hurt all over from the last week and was covered in blood. Finding nothing more concerning than friction burns, a variety of bruises, minor cuts, scrapes and sore muscles he seemed assured.

“I good.”

He wasn’t going to talk her out of her sense of obligation, like he tried Alexis, because there was no inherent danger in it. He nodded.

“I go help you until you able to stop.” He was planning on trying to shoulder as much of the workload as she would allow.

Voah smiled softly and nodded, signing thank you in Vauxian.

Alexis, after having her injuries expertly treated by Nicolaus, decided to remain by Tarmen’s side.

She would stay here as long as she wasn’t needed elsewhere, and help with the accruing workload as much as her condition allowed.

Win headed back into the cave. He came and sat down near Tarmen and the others and leaned back against the cave walls.

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