Aftermath II

JP with Omni, Lorem, Bandorchu, and Zeeke

When Alexis found Voah she was sitting near Tarmen just sort of staring off into nothing. Her face looked worn and her eyes tired with dark circles. Her arm bandages were starting to soak through with blood.

Her head turned slightly toward the sound of the mercenary’s approach, but her eyes were still a bit dead.

“Gatana... how do you fair?” Voah asked, her tone subdued and defeated from the last week’s exhaustion wearing on.

Alexis slid down a wall to sit next to Voah.

“Not great. Better than most, still.”

She looked towards Tarmen’s prone form.

“How about you? And Tarmen?”

Her head and shoulders sank.

“…it’s looking grim… but he’s still breathing… I’ll live…” she shook her head and raised her bandaged arm.


Voah wiped some of the filth of war from Tarmen’s face with a cloth that was already spotted with blood.

Gonyaul unfortunately had just missed, due to timing and being unfocused, the two people he had ventured out to find. He made it to the forge and found enough energy to find a way to climb up to the roof.

From the top he looked over everything and got an ever better picture of the devastation left behind. He could even make out their attackers, just a few, fleeing off in the distance; one was limping and favoring his shoulder, the archer Gonyaul subdued. He still didn’t see his friends; however, he found exhaustion well enough.

Gonyaul laid down on the roof and gazed up to the sky trying to calm himself.

Alexis closed her eyes for a moment, not sure if she could take even more.

“He wondered if we managed to get ourselves cursed back then. Starting to think he might be right.”

Voah’s eyes finally shifted and she blinked. “I have had a similar feeling… but if it was done by some magikal means… I should be protected…”

Her eyes wandered around searching for memories, words, and understanding of what had occurred.

“Since leaving that island it certainly feels like a curse is upon me.”

She reached for her holy sword, closed Tarmen’s fist around it, then laid his fist upon his chest.

“May it bring him the mercy of Vastad and Zin, if there is any to be given.”

Wim had been leaning against the cave wall watching the scene. He had been of very little use to anyone. The worst part was Sir Zane came and saved them. This was what nobles were to do. But it also meant that when the chaos settled down that he would half to deal with Master Blackwolf’s attempt at reclaiming Ms. Sadir.

People tended to the injured and dying, so Wim dealt with gathering weapons that were dropped, items that looked interesting and felt frustrated at the lost of the wagon and his gear.

He was also angry that a potential ally against the clan’s warlord was dead.

Nicolaus was trying to clean as best he could now that things were winding down. Soon he would need to solicit help in getting everything out of the tunnel; however, before he added that to his plate he went up to Voah and Alexis.

“Ladies. I will be closing things down here and starting the process of getting my things, supplies and these injured out of this mine soon. Before I do, may I give you one last check?”

He knew they were tough, but wounds left unattended properly could kill you after surviving a battle or create permanent chronic issues for the rest of your life.

“Please.” Voah said in agreement.

For Voah, Nicolaus prepared a few poultices with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties for the ladies to cleanse and ease the swelling of their wounds. It took only a few minutes to apply them. While the man wrapped her up again, Voah looked around at the grisly scene of the improvised infirmary, she didn’t see her beau.

“Has anyone seen Gonyual?” she asked with slight concern. He was around not too long ago, but she hoped he hadn’t tried anything stupidly heroic after helping with Tarmen.

“He was looking for you both a few minutes ago, as a matter of fact. Must have missed you. He was headed back to the forge looking for more survivors.”

When he was finished, Voah thanked the apothecary and stood up slowly.

“I’ll be back soon to help move Tarmen.”

Then she headed off to find Gonyaul.

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