The way to a dog’s heart…

The next night found Tar and Alexis yet again observing the village from the cover of the shrubbery, as prepared as they could ever be.

The day had been spent on resting up, with the addition of catching some small game and collecting some kindling just at first and last light. Risky, yes, but luckily none of the villagers strayed too far from home at those hours.

The pair waited patiently as the village slowly settled down and only two young men remained awake to guard the entrance.
As often the case, youth and monotone tasks did not mix well, and soon the two adolescents were blissfully engaged in one small competition or another to entertain them throughout their boring duty.

So it was time to get started. Alexis and Tar swiftly sneaked from cover to cover, passing the guards as they were caught up in a contest of arm wrestling, laughing and bantering in hushed voices.

Reaching the inner area of the settlement, they split up, Tar towards were Hunter was being held and Alexis towards the communal fire place. The mercenary was battling some serious inner resistance to entrust Tar with the liberation of her friend, but what choice did she have? She could only hope that whatever reason made her a necessary asset to his quest was enough of an incentive to have him see this through.

Nearing the fire place, she found it still occupied with two rather large dogs. They reacted to her approach, albeit thankfully a bit drowsily, raising their heads and lowly growling.
Alexis stayed calm. Dogs had been the trusted companions of the Garrah clanspeople for as long as anyone could remember, serving as guards and shepherds. You would be hard pressed to find a Garrahn that didn’t know at least a little bit about how to handle them.
She stilled, avoiding any unnecessary movement, both posture and expression neutral and unthreatening. Then she began to whisper to them in a quiet, low and soothing tone.

“Hello there. You be all attentive and alert, yeah? Good job, good job.”

The dogs remained tense, but did not seem to be any nearer to attacking than before. Probably trying to figure her out. So far so good.

“Wonder if they treat you right? You well and fed, hm? Though I bet not much fresh meat right now, yeah? Less hunting going on. Tell you what, you’re in for a treat tonight.”

Very slowly she reached for the small bundle at her side, unpacking it to reveal the small kills she had managed to acquire.
That most certainly got the canine’s attention, ears going from flattened to perking up.
It might take more than food to befriend a dog, but it tended to be a good start.
Alexis threw them a morsel each and they started to happily munch on them.

Time for the main event.

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