Armat Caravanserai

Islana - The young Odonine warrior claps his hands in what you feel is genuine delight at your words, as if saying 'I knew it'. Never in your young life have you experienced such a reaction, even when you told others you trusted, with your darkest secret.

Being born and raised in a society under the shadow of the Inquisition, knowing most people saw magik weavers as evil and aberrations of nature, you felt like shame and fear always made you less of a person than you could be. Never being able to be yourself truly. Knowing full well that assuming who you really were would lead to your death or worse.

You cannot hide the shock and reaction that follows. The man gets up and walks towards you, but keeps a comfortable distance. He cannot hide his excitement and curiosity. He gesticulates around the room, talking fast and using words you do not understand. Seeing your confusion he calms down and eventually asks in your own language.

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