Flying sparks

Alexis had taken her chances with the communal fire place in hopes that there would still be some ember left to work with.
She had brought flint and steel, but that would make noise she wouldn’t want to risk if it could be avoided.

And it seemed she was in luck, if one would want to call it that. It took only a little prodding to uncover red, warm glow, and she proceeded to ignite a few sticks.

This equipped she carefully manoeuvred around the still contentedly feasting dogs a stealthy approached the nearest hut.
While the walls were made of stone, the roofs were made of wheat straw, well within her reach.
She ignited the a portion of the roof, right at the rim, so the fire would have to work its way up, buying some time. Not much, the wheat was dry after all. With that in mind she sneaked over to repeat the process the next hut, in an angle that let her further away from where Tar should be freeing Hunter right at this moment.
Alexis wanted the Odonine’s attention as far away from them as possible.

She needed to be swift, the fires would be noticed any moment now. As fast as she could without risking to much noise, she approached two more huts to set fire to them, and then made her way over to the animal pens at the very edge of the village, where the goats and chickens already began to get nervous.

Ducking into the shadows and holding her hand over her remaining sticks to conceal the little flames, she heard the first startled shouts and watched as the young guards ran in to help.

While they were occupied, Alexis unlatched the gates to a goat pen and a chicken pen each, giving the animals a chance to escape as she threw the last burning sticks into the hay, thus adding some panicking life stock into the mix.

It was time to get the ifrinn out of here.
Alexis hugged the cliffs at the village’s edge as the Odonine rushed to get the fires under control.

Sneaking behind their backs, the mercenary made haste to find her companions. There was still a run to be made for their horses, and a ride taking them as far away from this place as possible.

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